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house made pasta

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I am going to SF, and would like to find a few restaurants that make delicious home made pasta. I will be staying in the downtown area (near Union Square), so that is the first choice, but will have a car. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. bacco in noe valley- all the pasta on the menu is homemade and delicious. you could either take the J and then walk up 24th street (cute shops) about 7 blocks, a bit of a hike, or the 48, which you can catch by the 24th street bart station. if you feel like driving, there is easy-ish parking near bacco. i always get a space within about two blocks, which san franciscans would consider good.

    1. I HIGHLY recommend Perbacco (240 California St., SF). It is upmarket and a little more expensive, but their housemade pastas and braised sauces are very, very good.

      1. Quince has the best pasta in San Francisco.

        Quince Restaurant
        470 Pacific Av, San Francisco, CA 94133

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          Agreed. Quince will also do a pasta tasting menu, I think you have to arrange it ahead of time when you make your reservation.

          I also like the fresh pastas Oliveto (Berkeley/Oakland), Incanto, and to a slightly lesser extent Perbacco.

          If you're in Union square, I'd recommend Quince first and then Perbacco. If your budget isn't big, then A16 or SPQR would be good choices, or Perbacco if you keep yourself to pasta and just a glass of wine.

        2. My recommendation is for Farina, on 18th at Guerrero. Pastas are terrific and other food is great, interesting and unique.

          1. I agree, Farina is the best choice for pasta.

            1. Perbacco for a great lunch/price point.
              Quince for elegance (also not bad at all price wise but it will all ad up)
              SPQR does all the Roman classics with fresh pasta which turns out to be impressive because those dishes are meant to be made with durum dried pasta, they do a fabulous job.
              A16 also has some handmade pasta on their menu that is delicious.

              1. I agree with the others that Farina is pretty good. Slightly pricey, but it is tasty food. Never been to Perbacco, but have heard good things.