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Dec 27, 2008 09:37 AM

Long Aquarium Of The Pacific

Going there later today. Any good eats within a few miles? Last time we where in the area we played it safe by going to The Yard House. Looking for something else. All cuisines and price ranges would be great.

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  1. Trachts, Jars sister restaurant is nearby. I've always been pleased with Parker's Lighthouse in the same are as The Yard House.

    1. I think it's called "King's Fish House" up on the main drag above the convention center, is it Pine Street? We were at the AOP a month ago and had some better than average shrimp at a fair price. It's kind of McCormick & Schmick-ish. Of course, after the aquarium you may not want to eat our fine finny friends...or maybe it will put a taste in your mouth!

      1. kings is good, with a great oyster menu and some good fresh fish... a bit better than yard house.

        It is actually really nice out today... the patio at Trachts at the Renissance hotel a few blocks away would be a good hit. 555 has good steaks and is close.. for a bar/grill Smooths is passable.

        other than the usual chains (CPK, Bubba Gumps,etc..) you have to go to either Pine Ave. or 2nd street in Belmont shore. If you search either on this site you will see lots of discussion.

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          There's some great Irish food (the pub fries are to die for with the curry sauce) right on pine above the aquarium at the pike. The name escapes me right now but its on Pine and you can see if from the street. Great beer on tap too. I've had the lamb salad and hubby usually gets the bangers and mash....very quality.

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              Yes, the Dubliner. I like it when they have scallops, but haven't had it there in a long time.

            2. re: lindaana

              rockenwagner's or some reasonable spelling of the same. brews its own beer and the bar food is fine.
              the clam BELLY place is Lawton's, which also has ripper hot dogs. Lawton's is at the pike.
              Rocken'r is on harbor blvd, or whatever the main drag is called at that point.

                1. re: Mattapoisett in LA


                  I was by there xmas day and it looked fine, except every place was closed.

                  1. re: peterboy

                    Well unless they were remodeling when I went by a few weeks ago, on the inside it was empty no cooking gear or cash register.

          1. How about across the street to the place that serves the clam strips? at a loss for its name.

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            1. re: jkao1817

              i believe they closed up shop a few months ago.