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Dec 27, 2008 08:41 AM

Fun Celebration with Shared Plates!

Good afternoon hounds!
I am looking for a suggestion because I just cannot make up my mind on my own with this one. I am celebrating a new opportunity in several weeks. What I want to do is tell all my friends to come and enjoy themselves and I will pay for the food. The plan would be for me to spend $100-$150 (no more than 10 people will be there) on shareable food and then the guests would be responsible for purchasing their own drinks.
The details:
I have a lot of wino friends but they also like beer and I am really into fun beers (more than wine).
I want a place where the food will be great and enough but no one will be gorging (though it will be a dinner).
Arlington, Alexandria, or metro accessible DC.
My thoughts right now (my current favorites) would be Cork, Proof, Beck, Zaytinya.
Any thoughts?

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  1. come on Hounds... no opinions? :(

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    1. re: daves_32

      How about Neyla in Georgetown? Tapas and entrees in a very cool, exotic atmosphere.
      Good luck w/ whatever youd decide to do-

      1. re: chicken kabob

        Ew, I just went there at while the decor was okay (it's listed as one of the most 'romantic' places), service was horrible, and they have an insect problem.
        Food was 'meh'. I've had better at Lebanese Taverna and Zatinya.

        Lebanese Taverna Restaurant in Pentagon
        1101 S Joyce St Ste B30, Arlington, VA 22202

        701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

    2. I really like both Proof and Beck, but the appetizers might be a little bit on the small side for sharing, depending on what you get, and therefore lead to a little more money than you wanted to spend.

      Another idea would be Vinoteca on U Street. It's a wine bar with really good medium-size plates. Also, they bring out delicious bread and olive oil dip for free which would help you in ordering less and staying in your budget.

      1. You might also consider Bar Pilar. The food is very good, and you can get cheese plates or charcutierie. If you are expecting a group you might be able to convince them to set aside a few tables for you. I think Neyla is overpriced for the quality of the food. Vinoteca is a great suggestion. Zaytinya is always nice, but unless your group will all get there on time, you will not be seated, and you may lose your table. Oyamel could also be interesting, but fewer beer choices. Both Proof and BB might be too expensive for what you are looking for.

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        1. re: mjf32

          Any other ideas? I think I am going to make reservations today. thanks!

        2. I also think Vinoteca and Oyamel are great suggestions. Love Proof and BB but I think they might be too expensive for what you're looking for.
          Another option is Bodega in Georgetown. A bunch of us went a few weeks ago and loved it. Very cool and lively atmosphere, good tapas, and great wine/sangria (none of us had beer).
          Good luck!

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          1. re: joann.hill12

            Any final ideas? Please let me know. thanks!