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Dec 27, 2008 08:22 AM

SoCal to Orlando roadtrip on I-10--Good Eats??

SoCal native leaving 12/29 for Orlando on my first long road trip to start first real job after college!!!

Traveling on I-10 through Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio(New Years Eve), Lafayette, New Orleans(3 nights), Destin & Orlando (arrive 1/7/08) and everything in between.

Please help with recs for quality, local, unique eats of any kind. I want to experience the full flavor of my trip but I'm on a starving student's budget so low price, super good taste is the goal!!

I'll be checking in daily from the road so please keep those ideas coming until the 7th.

Wish me luck!!!

P.S. Anyone know of any cool, FREE brewery, winery, factory type tours along the way???

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

    I'd strongly suggest that you post your route to each individual board, along your trip.

    The Southwest board will help you with the AZ leg. The Texas board with that leg. The South board with much of the trip, and the New Orleans with those specific environs. You will be able to receive ideas for each leg, from people who know and are there. You are covering a lot of real estate with this trip.

    I'll start by mentioning that just SE of Tucson, AZ (towns of Elgin and Sonoita) there are some fun wineries. Look to Dos Cabezas and Callaghan in that area.

    Note: the CH MODs will likely split this comment off from this thread, hence my urging to post to each appropriate board.

    In the San Antonio area, I just did a fine-dining review, that might interest you.

    When you post, let each board know your preferences, your budget and any particular info that might help you make your choices.

    Enjoy and travel safely,


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      Thanks for the tips. I did post on each of the aforementioned boards.

      1. re: Nakdcpl

        Great! You'll probably get some good recs. I'll take a look at the SW board, and also the Texas board, and if what you are looking for is in the domain of some of my recent posts, will add links.

        Safe trip,


    2. Off of I-10, a few miles west of Lafayette: exit at the "Scott/Cankton" exit, go north of I-10 approx 1.5 miles. Look for the Best Stop supermarket on your left, red & white building/convenience store/meat market. Go inside & buy some gratons (hog cracklins), smoked boudin, and beef jerky....all good car snacks for your trip. Other offerings are delicious, but I'm assuming you won't have access to a kitchen.

      1. I live in NO but my recs to you are both in Pensacola -- Dharma Blue in downtown Old Pensacola (not cheap, but extra fresh and delicious) and Lana's (Jamaican with some of the best jerk I've ever eaten). These were our dining adventures when returning from our evacuation for Gustav last fall.

        1. When you arrive near San Antonio (actually between Boerne and San Antonio), take the Leon Springs exit. Go to the HEB Supermarket center and go to Papa Nacho's, a Tex-Mex restaurant (more Mex than Tex). Good food; reasonable prices. Open 24/7; 11 a.m. - 9 or 10 p.m. The restaurant is just behind the gas station. This place is not fine dining; however, the food is wonderful.

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          1. re: Cat Lady

            cat, hungry & roux,

            thanks for the help. I'm on the road and excited!!

            keep the tips coming

          2. While in NOLA, have lunch at Mandina's and you can eat the leftovers for dinner that night and lunch the next day. I'd also recommend Camellia Grill while you are in town.