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Dec 27, 2008 08:20 AM

SoCal to Orlando roadtrip on I-10--Good Eats??

SoCal native leaving 12/29 for Orlando on my first long road trip to start first real job after college!!!

Traveling on I-10 through Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio(New Years Eve), Lafayette, New Orleans(3 nights), Destin & Orlando (arrive 1/7/08) and everything in between.

Please help with recs for quality, local, unique eats of any kind. I want to experience the full flavor of my trip but I'm on a starving student's budget so low price, super good taste is the goal!!

I'll be checking in daily from the road so please keep those ideas coming until the 7th.

Wish me luck!!!

P.S. Anyone know of any cool, FREE brewery, winery, factory type tours along the way???

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  1. The Shiner Bock tour is close - about 15 miles off of 10 in Shiner, TX but I'm afraid it might be closed on NYE, so make sure to check first. Maybe stop in Luling for lunch (I've seen a lot of ppl rec. Luling market's BBQ, but can't vouch, I'm in the wrong part of the state) then pop over to Shiner for the tour?

    Have fun, drive safe (and friendly) and best of luck in your new job!

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      Thanks for the tips...that is exactly what I'm looking for!!!

    2. Just east of downtown Houston, exit Lockwood, go 1 block north to Lyons Ave & take a right. Just over the RR tracks another block is Burt's Meat Mkt. They serve steam-table soul/creole food to go. Get some red beans/rice, gumbo, peach cobbler, greens, boudin, etc. Very cheap & very good.

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        Thanks kerr. sounds like what the doctor ordered.

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          as you leave San Antonio, you'll go a several miles to the town of Luling. It's just about 3-4 miles north of I-10. Stop in at City Market - it's a BBQ joint & one of the premier places in TX (it's on the left if you standing on the RR tracks facing the shops - there's another on the right which is not as good). There will be a line, but don't worry about it. You get your stuff in the back by the pits. Get some brisket, sausage links & ribs. No forks (which the sign will remind you!). Don't bother with any potato salad or slaw. You'll be happy.

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            Luling is about an hour EAST of San Antonio, and yes, City Market is worth the short detour.

      2. There are some interesting wineries in the Big Bend Area, TX. I do not know them, but have been fortunate to have tasted some very interesting whites. I hope that the locals can steer you to the better ones.

        Some recent San Antonio fine-dining reviews:


        1. There are quite a few places in Beaux Bridge Lousiana. Amoung them
          Mulate's Restaurant
          325 W. Mills Ave.
          Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
          337-332-4648 or 800-422-2586

          I personally like to stop at Abbeville and go to Black's it's also the home of Cane Syrup. If you have time you could also go a little further south and take the hot sauce tour at New Iberia.

          1. I love Parrain's off Perkins road in Baton Rouge. You'll see it right after the signs for LSU. Atchafalya is great. The fried cornish game hen is excellent. I don't like fried foods usually, but this place is divine. Etouffee is a must. All the salad dressings (salad comes with every meal) are homemade. I just came back from Nola and I have to say that when I think of great Louisiana cooking, Parrain's ranks up there with the best restaurants in New Orleans (Bayona, August, Muriel's, Park City Bakery and Tavern...this girl has eaten her way through Nola). Plus, it's free parking at Parrain's and it's about on three minutes from the exit. Going into Nola might be more involved as you have to struggle with parking and inflated prices and I don't think you'll find anything as close to the I-10 as Parrain's