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Dec 27, 2008 07:42 AM

Misleading Advertising from Edible Arrangements

I live in New York but placed several orders online through Edible Arrangements to be delivered as Christmas greetings to friends and family in other locations. When placing orders online, you submit the delivery zip code and are directed to the "local" franchise. I placed my orders accordingly and used current Edible Arrangement coupon codes that I had recently received in the mail for $5.00 off of each purchase. The code was accepted, I was given a total with tax and $12.00 delivery charge, and the order was submitted. Everything was great until I was balancing my checkbook yesterday and found that I was charged $5.18 more than the total that was confirmed online. I assumed it was a mistake, not uncommon during the holiday rush, and contacted the store that had processed that particular order which happens to be in Mooresville, NC. The owner informed me that it was not a valid coupon code for HER store, and that she did not honor that coupon. There were other coupon codes, however, for her area. She did not offer me any of those coupon codes, however, even when I asked her if there was anything she could do. I don't understand how the online site that she chooses to participate in can accept the valid coupon code, but then she can arbitrarily, and without contacting the customer, decide not to accept the coupon when all other conditions were met. Clearly, many, if not most, people ordering online from a company that delivers all over the country do not live in the same town as the people to whom they are sending the gift, otherwise they would carry their own gift to their friends/family and not need it delivered. How was I to know that the coupon code I used was not for her area when the website accepted the code without any difficulty. I don't think it was her decision to make to not accept the coupon after the fact, and not even contact me to make me aware of the situation. For a $5.00 coupon, she has lost me as a customer for her own store and all of Edible Arrangements franchises in the future. I think this was really poor customer service and clearly a strike against this franchise. BE WARNED!

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  1. Contact your credit card company. If you have printed receipts or emails from the website, they are legitimate and they will refund the difference.

    I'm not a fan of edible arrangements, anyway. I understand that the fruit needs to be treated with citrus in order to retain color, but every product I've had from them has been too tart to eat.

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      Maybe they're using underripe fruit to extend shelf life?

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        Oh, good idea. It's just the principle of it. Thanks!

      2. By all means, complain to the corporate customer service department. As a franchisee there are most likely a set of rules that must be abided by in order to participate in the company-wide online ordering system. It sounds highly likely that this franchisee has violated those rules and corporate will want to know about it.

        When you complain, be sure to ask for a specific compensation. Most likely you'll just just "your next order free" or $5 or $10 off your next order but you can sure the franchisee will hear about it in spades from corporate.

        1. My father sends me an Edible Arrangement 4x or so a year. Be forewarned that when the recipient is not home they sometimes leave it with a neighbor, and this Christmas they just left it on my stoop(!). Here in Arizona it was 60 on Christmas Eve, which is a little too warm to be leaving fruit out in the open in my opinion. I got home within an hour of the drop-off so I guess it was ok in that instance but...