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Uses for pheasant leftovers please!

We had roasted duck and pheasant for Christmas dinner. As the duck was cooked from fresh, we froze the leftovers so we can use them in the future. However, the pheasants were thawed before cooking so we've got a platful of leftovers in the fridge that we need to use by tonight! Any ideas as to how to incorporate them into a nice yet light dish? (considering the munch feast we've had in the last couple of days...)


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  1. shredded over a frisee or cabbage salad with poached eggs would be very nice.

    served cold over sauteed watercress or broccoli rabe

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. If I were to use it in a quiche, would it be ok to re-heat the meat that's already been cooked? I did some research online and all I seem to find is recipes with the cold meat. Do you think it is safe to cook the meat again?

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          It'sre: Paula76 It's safe to cook the meat again. Might dry it out a little, but there's no real safety concern if the meat was cooked within the last 3 days and kept in the fridge.

          If you've still got the bones, you could make a pheasant stock, and serve a pheasant-based soup.

          You could substitute pheasant in lots of casserole dishes that call for cooked turkey or chicken (tetrazzini, divan, enchiladas, etc). I haven't used pheasant, but in our house it isn't uncommon to make a goose, duck or turkey broth avgolemono a couple days after Christmas.

        2. Quesadillas with a fruity salsa.
          We make them with duck, why not pheasant?

          1. It will make a very good hash to top with poached egs

            1. it's probably too late by now, but there is no reason you could not have frozen the pheasant as well. The dictum about not refreezing meats after they've been thawed applies only to meat in the raw state; once it's been cooked it makes no difference whether it was fresh or frozen if freezing again is necessary.

              1. Thanks for the tips. I wasn't sure as my SO said it shouldn't be frozen which made me doubt. I think I am 'cooked out' after Christmas so I'm going to make a simple casserole with lots of veg, spices and maybe a bit of brown rice to go with. Will consider some of the other ideas for the duck, though. Thanks again!

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                  Your SO is a little confused about freezing/keeping items as left overs. As Janie says, you can take ANY frozen raw meat item, thaw it, cook it, have leftovers, and freeze them again.

                2. I know that my DH has made pheasant sandwiches out of left over pheasant. Butter on rye is the accompaniment.

                  1. Pheasant ravioli! I have some in my freezer now.

                    1. I finally made the casserole and it turned out really well, so much so that my SO had seconds which he very rarely does as 'peasanty' food (as he puts it ) is his absolute favourite. I added lots of leftover veg, herbs, spices, garlic, onion and stock, simmered for about half an hour and served over brown rice. Thanks for all your help!