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Dec 27, 2008 06:38 AM

Seeking Best Tempura in the Western Burbs

Hi all,

I rarely am in the mood for tempura, even moreso after my first and last visit to Lexington's Teppanyaki almost a year ago. Ugh. Recently, however, I have found myself wanting this. I have tried the small appetizer version at Blue Fin in Porter Square (nice, but obviously not a meal), and also the one at Daikanyama in Lexington (a better assortment of veggies but somewhat greasier than Blue Fin's). I need to find a really good, meal-sized offering to get this unhealthy desire out of my system. And suggestions? (And do I need to win at Megabucks [which I don't indulge in] to afford it?)

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  1. Yama in Wellesley Hills Square (Route 16) across from Whole Foods and upstairs(with an elevator) has excellent tempura and it is very reasonable.They have fish,shrimp and vegetable tempura and in appetizer or full meal size. It is BYOB also. If you go on a weekend it may be slammed- it has become a very popular place.

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      I'm not a fan of Yama at all. Oga's has an excellent tempura. Also, Shogun, in W. Newton was OK.