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Dec 27, 2008 06:30 AM

Am I the only exhausted cook today???

Cooked Christmas Dinner at last notice. Made great Cornish Hens from this recipe: . Made Wild Rice, Sweet Potato, Glazed Carrots and Green Beans (limited veggie-eating crowd). Toasted up fresh Italian Bread to sop up the juices... everyone raved, and I haven't gotten up for more than three hours in two days!

What was it, the weather? (Clear on Christmas, then rainy and foggy otherwise?) Was it the food? Stress? If you ave having a chicken night, do try the recipe, I found it good, especially because it is fragrant (with the wine and broth) and serves a few...

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  1. I am with you - if only because the celebrations keep going. Thursday was turkey with sausage stuffing, whipped potato, butternut squash. Yesterday was another houseful of people, I did multiple dips & cheese plate, 2 types of fudge, and cookies. Today is another group of family - going easy, just a wonderful taco soup , and then spinach stuffed shells (for the vegetarian fiancee of BIL). Then tomorrow is my daughter's birthday, so her dinner request is easy, but I still need to make her cake. Like I said, nothing fancy, but nonstop for 4 days!

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    1. re: elfcook

      Elfcook, I got slammed with a next-to-Christmas Bday celebration as well... maybe that was the tipping point. Am already working on New Year's Eve... a cold table of starters, Jumbo Crab and Shrimp Cocktail with two dipping sauces, a Salmon Salad (low-fat version) with a multitude of multigrain crackers,l then the customary Southern New Year's dinner... including blackeyed peas (one for each day of luck in the New Year), Cornbread (for Gold in the new Year... or lasting wealth that is), and Greens (for Cash in the New Year). Probably will make chicken since everyone's already talking about their New Year's diets!

      Whew. Time for a nap to get ready!

      1. re: ideabaker

        Just reading up on all the good luck foods for New Year's - forget the chicken, Idealbaker - something about how chickens scratch and that's associated with needing money.
        Who knew? Go for pork!! Here it's the thing to do.

        1. re: Nonny

          Hmmm... nice tip on the chicken. Was just going for it because the dish I have is easy and tasty. Could do Pork Tenderloin I guess... Actually, I have four double cut pork chops in the deep freezer. No idea how to make sure they are cooked through. Maybe time to pull out my instant read thermometer that Santa brought me!

    2. I saw the title of your thread and almost yelled out loud "NO, you're not alone!" Baked cookies for two days, then mother arrived on Christmas Eve, so cooked nice dinner for us. Mother-in-law arrived on Christmas morning, and I made a nice Christmas brunch. Fortunately, I didn't have to make Christmas dinner, but I did make brunch for 12 on Boxing Day (day after Christmas) and yet another frigging brunch today for my mother-in-laws birthday. I love my kitchen, but I am so sick of being in it after spending the last 6 days there.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        He he, TorontoJo, thanks for your post! I took a three hour nap, then went out to dinner at a French restaurant and am now home, about to crawl back into bed. With New Year's Eve coming, it means another meal to cook so gotta rest up. I bet your brunches were great!

      2. No!

        After baking for 1 week, cioppino Christmas Eve, and rib roast with all the trimmings on Christmas I'm ready for a break.

        Hubby asked if we could have short ribs for dinner tonight and my response was, "Are you cooking?" The answer was no so we'll be ordering pizza :)

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        1. re: tallullah

          I totally crashed today! Days of cooking, cleaning, more cooking, Christmas Day, Boxing Day! I finally have my house to myself and dinner will be polishing off the Port with some Stilton. I don't even want to think about NYE.

          1. re: Athena

            Athena, funny you should mention the Port and Stilton, I had a large glass of wine and English Blue Stilton with wheat crackers for lunch today... it was all I had the energy to prepare!

            NYE is a'comin' so we'd best all rest up for a few days for the last hurrah of '08!

            1. re: ideabaker

              It may have just been a coincidence, but I had some very vivid and scary dreams after that P+S last night!

          2. re: tallullah

            Tallullah, great response to your husband... and pizza is fine after a multiple day cook-fest. And with New Year's Eve coming up we all need to get our rest! Wish you had a pic of the rib roast with trimmings, guess I don't have a reason to be so tired over a couple of Cornish hens!

          3. I am exhausted from all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. The worst of it is I've gained 5 POUNDS!

            It isn't even 6 pm and I'm ready for bed.

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            1. re: anni

              Anni, I've been napping on and off for days now! The pounds will come off once you get back to a normal schedule (of eating)... I find with all of the tastes here and there as I cook, my black stretch pants are fulfilling their stretchy promise. Missed the gym twice this week, plan on bucking up and getting there tomorrow! But for now, bed!