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Dec 27, 2008 06:25 AM

Basha Cafe & Cuisine in Cambridge?

Noticed this new place while driving the back road (New Street) behind the Fresh Pond Mall alongside Danehy Park. Odd location, given that it's mostly a quasi-industrial stretch. A Craigslist posting notes that it's a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Found this menu on a neighbor's website--looks pretty standard, though a bit expensive.

26 New St.
Cambridge MA 02138

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  1. For those who don't know the area, if you're coming from Boston on the Fresh Pond Parkway, when you hit the first rotary (after Huron Avenue, the old Tokyo Restaurant, and the now-closed seafood place on the right), you go straight, but bear a bit to the left, as there are two roads that fork at that spot. It is indeed a weird location for a restaurant; I would hope that they do some good advertising, otherwise no one will know it's there!

    1. I stopped in today at lunchtime again to see if they were serving food: nope. Still a very soft opening, apparently. I talked briefly to the owner (Jack) who said that they were open for dinner tonight (Friday), and would have live music.

      As MC Slim JB reported on the "08/09 Openings and Closings" topic, Jack says that he'll ultimately be open for lunch and dinner late into the night.

      Alas, I had to "settle" for a lunch of the lamb shawarma at Sofra instead today...

      1. They have a website up with the lunch and dinner menus (which are basically the same except price) and some of the cocktails, as well as a calendar of live music.
        Second the impression that the selection looks pretty standard.

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          Kinda pricey for the "standards"...Guess they have to pay for that liquor license..... ;)