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Dec 27, 2008 06:18 AM

Best Eats in Windsor?

Looking for some recommendations for b-day dinner in Windsor Ontario for a group of 8. Spanish, Italian, Asian, of these would be nice.

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  1. Mezzo is a nice upscale Italian place on Erie Street; good seafood and pasta dishes. For something more traditional, I've had a few good meals at Il Gabbiano, also on Erie Street.

    I'd have to say that the best dining experiences I've had in Windsor have been at El Mayor, a brightly lit family Lebanese restaurant with great food, low prices, and scrumptious desserts. Try the family appetizer platter - big enough to feed four people well without ordering anything more - and the ricotta filled baklava. Delicious!

    1. We really like Spagos( trattatoria) on Erie Street. We also tried Smoke and Spice( they have their own thread here on CH) and it was really good. Its a southern style BBQ place.

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        I second El Mayor as a great Lebanese restaurant. I've had nice meals at The Cook Shop on Ouellette, Balkan Bistro (formerly Alan Manor) on Mill St., Nico on Erie St., and Hikari (formerly Joseph's), which is Windsor's most solid sushi restaurant, in my opinion.

      2. Heading To Windsor tomorrow, first stop will be Wah Court, Wyandotte/Partington area. They have large table's to accommodate eight. Dim sum, hot and sour soup, we really enjoy. I will second all the other rec's. My daughters fave is El Mayor.

        1. Update: Another great find - Mazaar on Oullette. Superior Lebanese food - lovely homemade pita, deliciously smokey baba ganoush and a great lentil soup. Good service and a nice room to boot.