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Dec 27, 2008 06:17 AM

Four Couples Dinner Help

My wife and I are planning to go out to dinner with three other couples in mid January. We'll be coming from West Roxbury with one of the couples, one couple is coming from Dorchester, and the last from Needham. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced place that would be the most convenient for everyone? Italian would be good, as would American. No dietary restrictions. Entrees between 18 and 28 preferrable.

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  1. How about La Morra on Route 9 in Brookline.

    I think they have parking in a lot next door and there is on street parking there. The food is wonderful and fits your price point.

    Another possible would be Sel de la Terre on Boyston with everybody parking at the Pru. That has the advantage of many possible coffee or after dinner drink in the area.

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      1. Depending on what kind of food you all are in the mood for... Orinoco right in Brookline Village is pretty good for Venezuelan (I think), as is Pomodoro for Italian. The Elephant Walk further down on Route 9/Boylston for Cambodian/French.
        The Met on Route 9 is a good steakhouse and I agree that Sel de la Terre is always an option.
        And if you and the other couples want to venture to Needham, the new Petit Robert doesn't lack street parking.

        1. The suggestions above are all good.

          I would also add Delfino in Roslindale, which is even more geographically the mid-point than the other suggestions. Good, uncomplicated Italian food.

          1. I second La Morra. If you go on a Sunday night, they have a great special- 4 courses served family style for $25 a person. The menu changes weekly and is usually posted on their website. Also, wanted to suggest Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. As long as there isn't a game at Fenway, there is always plenty of parking nearby on Beacon St. From my experience, Eastern Standard has been great when I have organized dinners with lots of friends. Handling groups isn't always easy but Eastern Standard always provides consistent service and a menu with something for everyone.

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              Thanks for all the ideas. What do you all think about Washington Square Tavern?

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                It's good but seating 8 might not be the easiest and I don't think they take reservations.