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Dec 27, 2008 06:08 AM

Cheese Steak???

My sister is back in the states from Dubai for the holidays and has requested a cheese steak!

We are in Trumbull, CT and would be willing to travel a short bit - 20 minutes or so.

Any ideas? I would usually make my own, but we'd like to head out as I've been in the kitchen all week!



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  1. Hi there AT.

    Having gone to Penn for my undergrad, I made cheesesteaks my minor concentration.

    The majority of steaks in this area are false advertisements. The meat is usually steak-umm quality, and the bread does nothing to augment the experience. You will not find a cheesesteak that is the proper variety in CT, that is, real thin sliced rib eye steak, cheese wiz, "wit" onions, on a fresh sub roll.

    That being said, there is a decent enough variation of the cheesesteak to be found at BJ Ryan's in Norwalk. Good quality steak (steak tips as I recall), lots of cheese (alas...not wiz), and a decent hoagie roll.

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    1. re: CTburgerlover

      I'm not sure how far Darien is from Trumbull but if you can make it over try the best kept secret on this board...uncle's deli...:) Legendary local place that does a phenomenal steak and cheese wedge...about as close to a philly cheesesteak you'll find in these parts.

      1. re: Scotty100

        Trumbull to BJ's probably 20-30 minutes Merritt to exit Uncles best bet is 95 to exit 11 also about 20-30.

        Will have to check out the cheese steaks at these places in January.

        1. re: Scotty100

          Hi there,

          I have to respectfully disagree about Uncle's. While the garlic wedge is terrific, the fact that they use sliced roast beef discounts them from any real cheesesteak discussion. The meat has to start off as uncooked steak, ideally sliced rib eye. Double-cooked roast beef is too dry. I'd rather have steak-umm meat.

          Also, a real philly steak uses Wiz.

          1. re: CTburgerlover

            CT - Agree with you on the ribeye and wiz as essential for philly cheesesteak authenticity but I never claimed Uncle's to be authentic (see above)...all I said was their steak and cheese wedge is about as close to getting a version of it in CT (just like the one you mention from BJ Ryans). The only other thing that confuses me is what you actually got served at Uncles...double-cooked dry roast beef?!! Are you serious?? This place made its name on their steak and cheese wedge which uses juicy sirloin cooked just right (in front of you) slathered with onions then doused in swiss or provolone and presented in a fresh wedge type hoagie...mmm...its delish! I'm sorry you got twice cooked dry roast beef! That doesn't sound right to me at all...granted I haven't been in for at least 3 months so I will go back and check...I hope they were simply having an off day as this sandwich is pretty fantastic when done the way I described (which is what I've always been served over the last 18 months or so).

            BTW - Outside of CT there is always carl's or wogies in manhattan to give you something close to tony luke's in philly but I reckon you have probably tried them too...close but not quite there either...the search continues...:)

      2. the home depot in bridgeport has a cheese steak place attached to it. i think the name is joe's cheese steaks. they 're pretty good. it's a great idea i'm suprised they're not at every home depot