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Dec 27, 2008 06:06 AM

Jfoods Visit Sundy House (Delray) - Beautiful

If you are looking for a romantic hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Atlantic Avenue, Sundy House may fit your bill. Located a block and a half off Atlantic on Swinton, this restaurant contained within the Inn is about as romantic and relaxing a venue as the Jfoods have ever had the pleasure of eating. The staff were extremely professional from the moment they arrived until they chatted with the front desk on their departure.

The Jfoods were fortunate to have a table outside under the awning on a beautiful December night. They were located right next to the pond and a fish would jump intermittently and the first few times it took them by surprise.

The Jfoods were seated, a bread basket with a nice selection of breads were delivered with some nice softened salted butter and the wine list arrived. The waitress did a fantastic job of explaining the list as well as the menu.

Once the Jfoods decided on a few choices, the waitress was fully knowledgeable of each. She did mention that the Chilean Sea Bass (which Jfood had decided on) was unavailable, but it was strange that a table an hour later received two of these entrees. Mrs. Jfood ordered the Panko crusted goat cheese cake with smoked bacon lardons, caramelized apples, arugula,fig vinaigrette and port wine reduction for an appetizer and Jfood ordered the Calamari tossed with Moroccan spiced aioli, toasted coriander, cilantro, tomato, parmesan, olives, while they both ordered the Pan seared Bronzino fillets, oven roasted tomatoes, haricot verts, mixed fingerling potatoes, tapenade vinaigrette for entrees.

A nice sized piece of cheese sat atop the salad and Mrs. Jfood enjoyed although she mentioned that the salad was very overdressed. Jfood's calamari was great. The calamari were perfectly flash fries in a light crust and the Moroccan spiced aioli added a flavor to the dish he had never tasted. The Parmesan also added a nice level of salt to the dish. Jfood really enjoyed this appetizer.

The Bronzinos arrived. The fish was presented off the bone atop the array of extras. The fish was still moist and the skin was nice and crispy. The flavors were very Mediterranean and Jfood's only complaint is that the flavors of his entrée were too similar to his appetizer. The potatoes were perfect, the tomatoes were deep and rich in flavor and the tapenade added a nice level of earthy saltiness. Jfood enjoyed but the sea bass would have created a better balance to the meal.

The waitress raved about desserts so the Jfoods decided to split the chocolate cake. This was a major disappointment. The cake, although served warm, was dry, under flavored and the Jfoods actually left some on the plate as they decided the flavor was not worth the calories.

A beautiful walk around the grounds was a much better dessert. The grounds include 500+ species of plants, a naturalized pool where you can swim with fish if you stay at the Inn.

So Jfood would definitely give this his seal of approval, recommend very highly up to but not including dessert.

Thanks to all for the recommendation.

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  1. I sometime recommend folks first visit this location for a simple drink at the elegant outside bar. From there you can take a break and walk around the gorgeous grounds, peruse the menu for ideas for your coming visit, etc.

    1. it is beautiful and they do brunch on Sundays which you MUST make a reservation for and my suggestion is to get the first sitting. If you go later they run out of dishes and don't replenish.

      as to the sea bass. It often comes frozen so perhaps they were waiting for some to thaw. Or your waitress got confused!

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        thanks S. That may explain the sea bass. The front desk mentioned the brunch as well, but the jfoods are not brunch people.

        1. re: jfood

          She did mention that the Chilean Sea Bass (which Jfood had decided on) was unavailable, but it was strange that a table an hour later received two of these entrees

          as to the sea bass. It often comes frozen so perhaps they were waiting for some to thaw. Or your waitress got confused!


          Nice thorough review of your evening...too bad about the dessert

          It's quite possible that the number of servings of Sea Bass was limited and allocated before you arrived...not that you would have known, but it would explain why it was served at the next table. I do not believe it was due to being a fish fillet such Chilean Sea Bass could easily be thawed in a short amount of time if it were actually an IQF fish. IQF stands for Individually Quick Frozen. Most restaurants that use IQF fish already have measures in place to deal with preparation when orders come in for any particular food item.

          Whenever I go to my favorite Italian restaurant this time of year I pre-order my dish when I make my table reservation.... he makes three dishes in the fall and winter season that are favorites of much in fact, I sometimes have trouble deciding which one to have..... If I waited until I got to the restaurant, the entrees would seldom be available by the time I I reserve my dish in advance.....and I know others do this as well.

          The three dishes? Braised Veal Cheeks, Short Ribs and Osso Bucco.

        2. re: smartie

          Frozen Sea Bass . . . not at any good restaurant. I'd say they may have had a late seafood delivery on that day, not uncommon. Most good restaurants receive deliveries of fresh fish daily, on ice . . .

          1. re: smartie

            The majority off CSB is harvested in Antarctica, which is guaranteed to have been frozen. There's so many "catches" in the great CSB debate that I'm sure we're not allowed to talk about them on here. My post a while back was deleted in under an hour...hehehe.

            There's too many great local fresh catches to even consider CSB.

          2. Sundy House has never been a favorite of ours for food... The food, ever since the new chef came along, has seriously waned. However, the place is GREAT for good alcohol and pretty scenery.

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              Completely agree. Drinks in a beautiful setting only . . .