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Which nice foodie gifts did you get?

For obvious reasons, the overriding theme of my Xmas prezzies was cooking. I knew my boyfriend had something nice in store for me but I received more and much better presents than I'd anticipated so I thought I'd share them with my fellow 'hounders:

My boyfriend got me a beautiful Moroccan tagine, some Spanish tapas dishes, a paella dish and the Camilla Panjabi book: "50 great Indian curries" which looks amazing. My mother-in-law got me a blender and hand blender and the Hell's Kitchen boardgame and my sister-in-law a lovely mortar and pestle. Since I got my boyfriend a barbeque, I think we've got pretty much all bases covered for an array of international home-made meals!

How about you? Did you get any of your foodie gift wishes realised this Christmas?

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  1. I got a copy of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, which I asked for.

    1. I got an electric tea kettle and two coffee grinders. That was by accident but one has various settings so I'll use it for coffee and the other is just a plain jane version that will work great for spices!

      Oh not necessarily a "foodie" gift but I also got a Fujifilm Finepix S1000 so I can take better food pictures. lol

      1. In my stocking, I found a box entitled "Foodie Fight" It's a Trvial Pursuit type of game that centers on food. Some are pretty easy, some very esoteric; looks fun

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          I got that too..Foodie Fight. I got Mark Bittman's 2009 Calendar with a recipe per day...oh, and I got a new stove...the GE Profile with a small oven/broiler on top and a big oven on the bottom....ceramic cooktop with bridge, fast boil and simmer burners.

        2. I managed to load up this year (probably the last time as my wife and I are having a baby in May). I receieved the following books: The Nasty Bits (Bourdain), Escoffier: The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery, The Devil in the Kitchen (White), Under Pressure (Keller), The Babbo Cookbook (Batali), The History of Food, Cooking (Peterson), Sky High, Food Lover's Companion, Big Small Plates (Pawlcyn).

          Also received the meat grinder KA attachment, an EdgePro Apex knife sharpener and (from my wife) Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for the Wii, hehe. Oh, and the complete series of Kitchen Confidential on DVD.

          1. Berkshire Bark pretzels which after the food show quickly sold out everywhere....apparently my daughter moved many chocolate mountains to find a source. I've been told to make them last....fat chance!

            Also a beautiful book on tea, The Tea Drinker's Handbook by Delmas, Minet & Barbaste.

            Still enjoying the honeybells from co-workers.

            Dh is saving my food gift until New Year's....can't imagine what it could be...!

            1. All the gifts sound great and I keep adding to my ever-growing wish list by reading what you got! ktb615: you're going to have an overdose with all those fantastic books! I definetely need to add to my very humble collection of cookbooks and those are some interesting ones to have in mind...HillJ: let us know what the special New Year's present from your hubby was.

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                Paula76, dh surprised me with tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls in Atlantic City and a wild dinner at House of Blues. I danced my tail off! When the limo pulled up to our door the kids were screaming. It was awesome....foodwise-well, it's House of BLUES....but I didn't care.

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                    Fantastic! What a fun night that sounds...and sometimes, the food is not the main thing if you're enjoying yourself as you seem to have done. Hats off to your hubby for the nice surprise!

                1. Two books: "The United States of Arugula" and Bill Buford's "Heat". Plus a gift certificate to the Strand bookstore so I can go get more. :-)

                  1. I didn't ask DH for anything food-related except some chocolate (I reminded him that more is NOT better - I'd much rather have three squares of luxurious Godiva chocolate than three blocks of el cheapo stuff)... and he listened and got me some very nice chocolate. He was also incredibly sweet - he doesn't cook and he doesn't pay much attention to what's in the cupboard, but he bought me a bunch of cute little jars of spices at World Market, including a jar of curry powder - which is the sweetest of all because I love the stuff and he can't stand it!

                    1. I got a big bag of lovely cinnamon and a Turkish spice blend from Penzey's, a deep recycled plastic bowl (pistachio green base with confetti like chips of other colors), a wonderful silicone Staub spoon, and a good looking electric tea kettle.

                      1. I got some Vietnamese Cinnamon, some pernigotti cocoa, a beautiful maple bread cutting board, a huge cookie spatula made by Foxrun, and "The Art and Soul of Baking", by Cindy Mushet.

                        1. I got an immersion blender, which I asked for. I also got my grandmother's teapot. It is super art deco and a lovely shade of pale pink.

                          I wish I had remembered to ask for No Reservations, maybe that will be an after Christmas gift for me.

                          1. :-) He's my fiancé, really but I tend to call him boyfriend or partner most times (can't get used to the 'fiancé' yet!) so his mom is technically my mother-in-law as we've been living together for over 2 years so we are practically married but not legally...It's all a bit confusing these days as nothing is so clear-cut anymore! So there...

                            1. I got a Ruffoni hand-hammered copper risotto pan.

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                                Hello Cpt Wafer. Could you tell me about your Ruffoni risotto pan? I'm thinking of buying one and would appreciate your experiences with it.

                              2. I think this qualifies as a foodie gift -- I got a certificate to take a course on The Art of Saucemaking with Chef Jean-Marie LaCroix.

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                                  Absolutely! What a nice gift! Are you plnning on starting it soon? It'd be great to hear about the experience.

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                                      It's a one-evening program on Wednesday, January 28 at the Inn Keeper's Kitchen at the Dilworthtown Inn, just outside West Chester, PA. http://www.dilworthtown.com/ikk_cours...

                                  1. I got a gift certificate to Sur La Table, new pots and pans, and tons of homemade fudge and goodies-all of which were on my list so I'm a happy girl!!

                                    1. I got a fish grilling basket and a Weber chimney starter. I am now impatiently waiting for warm weather. Trout! There will be grilled trout. In a few months.

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                                        >>fish grilling basket and a Weber chimney starter

                                        I've read that's a great way to cook a steak. Build a fire in the chimney, wait for it to get red hot, put steak in the fish basket and grill over the chimney. That way you wouldn't have to wait to use it.

                                        1. re: Cpt Wafer

                                          That is wonderful advice, except that I don't eat steak, & my grill is 75 miles away and covered in snow. But hopefully you've given someone else a good idea!

                                      2. I got Molly Stevens', All About Braising and Jennifer Mclagan, Bones: Recipes, History and Lore.

                                        Also discovered a wonderful cheese: Brillat Savarin Affiné. To die for.

                                        1. I got the Cuisinart ICE-20 (ice cream / fro yo / sorbets) from my bf's mom. I've been wanting one a really long time and could never bring myself to buy it because its more of a want than a need...so excited, using it tomorrow for the first time! Also got a couple of Ina Garten's cookbooks, they're both beautiful and useful.

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                                            A month ago I sent some local Oregon hazelnuts to a friend in Japan. Just yesterday I received a package of various little cakes & cookies that she made from the hazelnuts! Not only were they lovely to look at, but also molto delicioso.

                                            Got pecan biscotti made by my aunt; late harvest Gevurtz. from Oregon Pinot country; "Oregon Bark" made from same hazelnut grower/local sour cherries/Madagascan 65% chocolate hand-made by http://www.sahagunchocolates.com/choc... (which makes Godiva look like Hershey's); Madhur Jaffrey's book "World of the East Vegetarian Cooking".

                                          2. I got "Culinary Artistry" and "The Food Bible" by Page and Dornenburg, both of which I wanted, so I was quite delighted with these gifts

                                            As stocking stuffers I got a box of Vanilla Hazelnut Yogi Tea and a tube of David Rio loose tea. Also got two jars of Indian simmer sauce from a local company called Sweet Nothings. We used the jar of madras curry last night and enjoyed it very much.

                                            I still have at least 1 more gift coming from a chef friend of mine who usually gives me food related gifts. Based on hints he's dropped it's either going to be the Cuisinart ice cream/yogurt maker or several cookbooks I've been bugging him for

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                                              Do you mean "The Flavor Bible"? I have both too, but I haven't been able to get to around to reading "The Flavor Bible" yet. I'm wondering if there is a lot of overlap between the two.

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                                                Yep, brain fart...The Flavor Bible. And yes, it does look like there is a degree of overlap between the two books. How far they overlap I haven't determined yet.

                                            2. I'm not a "foodie" but I did get some nice things I needed for my kitchen.

                                              I got a rice cooker, a new food processor, some specialty olive oils, & some wood chips for my smoker.

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                                                I got a lovely little glass teapot made by Primula that came with a number of "blooming teas". I loved it so much & ordered a few to give as gifts myself. It is very cool if you are into teas. The set is available on Primula's web site as well as on QVC. Right now it's sitting on my desk at work with a fancy little tea cozy I made to keep the glass pot from losing heat. My co-workers stop by every once in a while just to look at my tea flower blooming.

                                                My hubby gave me 2 books: Nasty Bits (Bourdain), and Paula Dean's bio. I think I will order Nasty Bits, and perhaps another Bourdain book for my chef nephew.

                                                I bought myself a Zojirushi neuro fuzzy rice cooker & a rice cooker cook book. Quite an extravagance.

                                              2. Jacques and Julia Cooking at Home (Child/Pepin), Made in Spain (Andres), What to Eat (Nestle) and The Splendid Table's How to at Supper (Rosseto-Kasper/Swift). Oh, and the cutest little celadon glazed spice jars with coconut shell spoons. Have to idea what to use them for yet (serving sumac with grilled meat?), but they're darling, and sometimes that counts.

                                                Also, since I hosted, I got the gift of looovely leftovers.


                                                1. I cleaned up this year. I got a KitchenAid mixer with pasta attachments, a Le Creuset Dutch oven, a set of Todd English Green Pans (from HSN!), a baking stone, a kitchen scale, and an Aerogarden. Also, a Barnes & Noble gift card, which I used to purchase a Williams-Sonoma cookbook! My mom is thrilled that I'm finally starting to show interest (and skill) in cooking so she's being very generous with the kitchen stuff.

                                                  1. - 2 new knives from MIL
                                                    - some local honey from my in laws
                                                    - an idli maker from dreamy husband
                                                    - mortar and pestle from dreamy husband
                                                    - and just now at the store as it was on offer, a ravioli cutter.

                                                    1. I got a lovely porcelain baker with warming stand, a cute little mini-blender, some wine stoppers, a copy of "Italian Wine for Dummies", Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential", and Juila Child's "The French Chef"

                                                      BTW: I finished Kitchen Confidential 12/26

                                                      1. Santa brought me a 3.5 qt copper saucepan to add to my collection(thank you Santa!). He also brought my husband a gift certificate to the local knife shop that specializes in Japanese cutlery so we're both looking forward to a trip down there to choose a new addition to our knife collection.

                                                        1. My lovely wife surprised me with a copy of Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential." And just a few minutes ago, the brown-suited Santa (UPS) brought the gift that got delayed by storms in transit across the country - a Tojiharu G-1 Gyuto. Light, nimble, razor-sharp out of the box - time to go cut up some veggies!

                                                          1. Got a large Big Green Egg ceramic cooker, along with accessories like plate setter, pizza stone and more.

                                                            Made some great pizzas last weekend, next ribs and brisket.

                                                            1. Not this year, but last year I got a yogurt maker. A couple of years before, I got a Le Creuset Grill Pan. My sister bought herself a Le Creuset Dutch oven w/her Christmas money this year.

                                                              1. Seltzer water maker. I go through a ton of it...especially in the summer. Hated all the plastic bottles..

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                                                                  I got my mother one for Christmas, as she loves fizzy water. She said, "I just realized the other day I should have asked for this!" Needless to say, she was very pleased.

                                                                2. Didn't get everything that I wanted. Waffle iron (I killed my last one on pearl sugar waffles), pizelle (sp?) iron, immersion blender, and a couple cookbooks were sadly not present under the tree. Sadly I don't think they realized how much I wanted the above :(

                                                                  I was surprised with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from my BF's grandma. I've wanted one, but lack of space and indecision on what colour has stopped me from asking in the past. Not quite sure if it's the one I want (White from Target), but I can't complain.

                                                                  My BF's aunt and uncle got me a box grater w/ a tupperware attachment.

                                                                  Also got the Bittman How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (trying to cut down on meat). I put The Arab Table on my BF's xmas list and he got it along with a french press.

                                                                  And my dear father surprised me with a bottle of the Balvenie 17 yr Rum Cask.

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                                                                    That was a very nice surprise gift from BF's grandma. I know what you mean though about not being quite sure about a surprise gift like this when there are model/color options available. This can get kind of personal and why it makes it tough to surprise someone with a present this costly.

                                                                    FWIW, I have a white KA mixer which I picked out on purpose. I decided a long time ago to keep a lot of my kitchen stuff in white/cream colors to keep the kitchen from getting too "noisy" color-wise. I have a big wire shelving unit in my kitchen that I store a lot of stuff on when I'm not using it so most of my appliances/bowls/baking pans, etc. are always out and visible. I also thought that white would be a good choice because I am hoping to have this piece of equipment for a very long time and I didn't want to get a color that I may get tired of eventually. :)

                                                                    1. re: flourgirl

                                                                      I'm like you, I like all white appliances for the same reason. I just planned to have splashes of colour, the KA being one of them. Oh well, can't complain (too much) about such a lovely unexpected gift.

                                                                    2. re: viperlush

                                                                      mmmm Balvenie...

                                                                      I'm with you on the KA, I was gifted with one about 9 years ago now, from my parents, it was white. Me, i'd always dreamed of the cobalt blue one, and no one knew what color to get me. The white was exchanged for the blue, as i'd wanted, but it came with extra bucks attached to it. The white ones often seem to be on sale, and i know that one's motor wasn't as powerful as mine. I also have the immersion blender from KA, also cobalt blue (recieved in that color this time, from generous parents). I love em both !!!

                                                                      I even have a cobalt blue KA bottle opener :)

                                                                      Despite the fact that my kitchen is painted a warm orange color, with white cupboards and stainless steel, my blue KA stand mixer never leaves the counter.

                                                                      1. re: im_nomad

                                                                        "Despite the fact that my kitchen is painted a warm orange color, with white cupboards and stainless steel, my blue KA stand mixer never leaves the counter."

                                                                        I bet it's lovely, since orange and blue are complementary opposites.

                                                                    3. Received:
                                                                      - Cuisinart Griddler, with which I've been happily grilling sandwiches every day
                                                                      - two pre-made gift baskets, of which frankly not much interests me (although the one from Second Cup had a few good coffee and chocolate-related items)
                                                                      - a bottle of Armagnac de Montal VSOP

                                                                      What I gave (in various combinations):
                                                                      - small amounts of Italian black truffle salt
                                                                      - Koslik's mustard (Amazing Maple and Balsamic + fig & dates versions)
                                                                      - Camino hot chocolate
                                                                      - Camino hot chocolate + peppermint schnapps
                                                                      - Camino hot chocolate + rum
                                                                      - Zenato Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2004

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                                                                        Forgot to mention, I also got a DVD of Big Night, which we watched last night and enjoyed every bit as much or more than previous times.

                                                                      2. I got a nice OXO food mill. Now what do I do with it besides tomato sauce and mashed spuds? Suggestions? (not baby food, please...) Adam

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                                                                          soups! especially if you enjoy a bit of texture in your soups. butternut comes to mind!

                                                                          1. re: HillJ

                                                                            Thanx HillJ! Would potato-leek work, too? Cauliflower? I'm hoping so... Adam

                                                                            1. re: adamshoe

                                                                              Adam, experiment...cauliflower sounds delicious. Potatoe definately. Leek can get stringy...but the "juice" of leek with certainly come thru. Might consider adding roasted leek on the finish. Enjoy!

                                                                        2. I got a few things I am very excited about. I got a mandeline slicer with many different slicing options that I am rearing to try out and a ricer to make easy mashed potatoes. I also got Madhur Jaffrey's book "World of the East Vegetarian Cooking".

                                                                          DH got a waffle maker which he has already put to good use.

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                                                                          1. re: etoiles

                                                                            A suggestion: If you have any leftover holiday money, go out and buy yourself one of those "no-cut" gloves. I llove my madoline, but had to throw out about 5 sliced potatoes for au gratin when it took the tip of my finger for garnish! Needless to say, I went and bought one the next day

                                                                          2. I got a huge, coveted Al Clad pot which will forever after be known in my household as the big a** pot, since when I opened it I said "Wow! This is so big I can see my whole a** in it!"

                                                                            Also Best Food Essays 2008, a Bennington Pottery casserole, a bottle of good port, an Indian cookbook whose name I can't at the moment recall but which has beautiful photographs to go with its appealing recipes, and a set of eight beautiful, no-handle, handthrown pottery tea cups, glazed shiny orange inside and earthy gray-green outside.

                                                                            1. "The Produce Bible", big fat book with everything you'll ever find in a farmer's market. In my stocking, a can of mushroom paté and a can of anchovy-stuffed olives. A bottle of Italian truffle oil, and from one of the nieces a $50 gift card from Williams-Sonoma. When I went to put it into my #2 wallet, I discovered the other W-S card she gave me last year. Whee! Maybe I'll actually pay retail for some Le Creuset!

                                                                              On the Saturday after Christmas we went antiquing in Old Towne Orange, and the first things I found were a KA Model K5A mixer in mint condition, and a fairly new food grinder attachment for same. I have a working K5B, though it looks like hell, but the $99 price tag was awfully inviting. But I had decided to just get the grinder for $25, when Mrs. O suggested I try to negotiate a price for the two, and she'd get it for my birthday! The dealer assented to 10% off, and now there's a lovely pile of machinery in the guest room I have to pretend not to know about until Jan. 30...

                                                                              1. 2 cookbooks
                                                                                Extending the table
                                                                                Flatbreads and flavors

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                                                                                1. re: rdch

                                                                                  I have "Flatbreads and Flavors" and it's such an interesting book - (I love their books, have all of them.) But I haven't actually made much stuff from it yet. Really need to remedy that situation...

                                                                                2. Santa was nice enough to bring a Cuisinart Quick Prep hand blender, but it's so much bulkier and heavier than my old Braun (has a small crack) -- are KAs any lighter -- can't decide if I should return it or just deal...