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Dec 27, 2008 05:42 AM

Restaurants in Vienna

I am chaperoning 9 sixth graders to the Inauguration. We are staying at a house in Vienna. Any ideas on NON-CHAIN restaurants that can accommodate large groups? It can be any ethnicity or for any meal but should be reasonably priced. Thanks!

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  1. That's Amore serves Italian pasta dinners family style (big platter to share). They might enjoy that.

    At the other end of town, there's Joe's (also Italian, cheaper and more downscale than That's Amore), decent pizza, OK pasta, good value.

    Amphora is a "Greek diner" sort of place with a huge variety on the menu, mediocre food, great looking desserts.

    Aditi Bistro is Indian fast food, order at the counter, quick-service "wraps" made fresh, but from steam-table fillings. Reasonably tasty, cheap, could probably make room for a group of 10.

    Foster's Grill is a chain, but not a large one (unless they're big in your town) and has very good burgers and shakes.

    Anita's (also a small chain, but it started in Vienna) is decent Southwest Mexican.

    There are dozens of decent Asian restaurants, but most are fairly small and would be pretty crowded with a group your size.

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      What a fabulous experience for you and the kids. I hope traffic doesn't snarl your visit.

      That's Amore is closed.

      Wu's Garden offers good chinese in an authentic feeling setting. I think your 6th graders would really enjoy it. Feels like a pagoda inside. Very friendly family style service and is very large for easily accomodating groups.

      Chuch Street pizza is good, but small. So unless you got there early, seating might be a problem.

      Anita's Mexican is right across the street from Wu's and is also reasonably priced and large enough for a group.

      I second the Vienna Inn suggestion. It's an institution and very family friendly. By no means upscale, but fabulous chili dogs.

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        Vienna Inn and Anita's would both be great choices. Easy for kids to find stuff to eat and good for groups. The food is pretty good at both as well.

        Joe's Pizza and Pasta. The pizza isn't nearly as good a Church Street Pizza but it is much more group friendly. I've been there often with groups of kids and they love it.

    2. Rose Restaurant is my favorite in Vienna and one of my favorites in the DC area. it is Persian. Very casual. They have a couple of excellent stews (one with beef, eggplant, potato sticks, the other with lamb, spinach, and lima beans). Very good kabobs. IF you go with a group, then call in advance and ask to reserve the tahdig - the bottom of the rice pot.

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        I think Rose might be in its third version now. I notice the name is no longer Rose Restaurant, but it's currently Rose Kabob. And when I was there about a month ago, I noticed some new staffers. Still good, though. I prefer it to Shamshiry because the food is just as good and it's less hectic, but my Vienna friend that I go with prefers Shamshiry so I have to twist his arm every so often.

      2. Foster's (shopping center by Lawyers Rd. and Rt. 123) is a good choice - beware of the arcade in the back - or bring quarters. Another good choice is Church Street Pizza (on Church Street). Joe's Place is also good, though the pizza at Church Street is better. You can also try the Vienna Inn - a Vienna landmark - famous for their chili dogs, they serve beer, but it's very kid friendly. (Sadly, "That's Amore" is closed)

        1. I live in Vienna! It really depends on what *side* of Vienna you want to go to.'
          You can go to Jaipur (great for family style). Their food is good and you get a lot of it.

          I ate there once with my boyfriend and it was plenty of food!
          Here are some pictures:

          Jaipur Royal Indian Cuisine
          9401 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031