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Dec 27, 2008 04:21 AM

Sucasunna area

Friends and I will be heading to the movies on New Year's Eve in Sucasunna and want to have dinner afterwards. Any hidden gems in the general vicinity? We prefer BYO and enjoy ethnic food. Since I'm coming from one direction and they from another ,we'd prefer not to drive too far.

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  1. Unfortunately, there are mostly chains in the Succasunna area: Ruby Tuesday's, Outback, Friday's, Houlihan's. I have not been there as yet but there is a new "Asian Fusion" Filipino restaurant, Anita's, on the westbound side of 10 near the Rt.46 intersection. Sushi Hanna on Rt. 10 East is consistantly good with pleasant and efficient service.
    La Strada is nice, on the Succasunna/Roxbury boarder on the eastbound side but is not BYO and will probably require a reservation.
    Morristown is not too far away, Andaman Sea restaurant is very good and BYO but may be a hassle to get there due to the First Night celebration.
    Please let us know if you go to Anita's.

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      Thanks for the tips. We are trying to avoid Morristown because of 1st night, which is why we're headed to Ledgewood. I'll report back if we go to Anita's.