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Dec 27, 2008 03:56 AM

Samosas, Jackson Heights

I'm going to a potluck New Years party. Who has the best take out Samosas in Jackson Heights?

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  1. I'm moving to Jackson Heights soon and was hoping to have a samosa and empanada housewarming party. I've heard where to get good emapanadas, but would also appreciate advice on the samosas.

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    1. re: iain

      dehli palace has great take out in the little storefront to the left of their restaurant on 74th, about halfway btwn roos and 37th on the east side of the street.

    2. People speak highly of Maharaja on 37th Ave just east of 74th, but last time I needed a large order of samosas I ordered from Spicy Mina, just across the BQE in Woodside. She made up a tray of veg-meat mix samosas with thin pastry (as opposed to the often super-thick Punjabi style on offer elsewhere), a good bit of spice, and delicious sauces (one mustard-cilantro, one peppery tamarind). The menu price is $1.25 I think, but she gave me them for $1 each after I asked.

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      1. re: elbev

        Does Maharaja offer the thin crust? I just can't remember if I had the thin crust one there. There was one place in the area that had them and charged 1.5 times what other restaurants were charging. But they were the most delicious ones.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          We really enjoy the Maharaja samosas. Seems like a fairly thick crust to me. Either way, they're delish.
          If you really want to have some fun with South Asian appetizers, you'll get a variety of chaats form either Maharaja or Rajbhog (across the street). Samosa chaat, chaat papari, etc. Not exactly finger food, but you could serve it on little plates...

          1. re: bennyt

            More I think about it, I do believe Mahraja were the thick crust. Perhaps the thin crust one was on 74th Street between Broadway and 37th Ave, on the West side of the street with the blue awning across from Delhi Palace. My memory is totally failing me now.