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Dec 26, 2008 11:25 PM

Unexpected Vegetarian

I have this dinner planned out for tommorow and everthing for it bought, but an unexpected vegetarian showed up and I don't know what I can replace the meat for that will go with the rest of the meal. I'm starting with an apple salad with white cheddar fritters, then as a main I have a puree of beets flavoured with cream and rasberry vin, potato gratan and braised short ribs with a jus reduction. What could I replace for the short ribs?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. don't alter anything, just do a grilled or braised marinated tofu steak!

    or, you could also add a quinoa and lentil salad to the table, and let the meat eaters have quinoa and ribs, and the quinoa is a complete protein for the veggies

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      I think the quinoa salad is an excellent suggestion. It's a side that is substantial enough to serve as a main course for those abstaining from meat.

    2. depends on the vegetarian....if they are vegan, they won't eat the cheddar fitters, the beets with cream or the potato gratin.

      However, i would think that the veg would otherwise be happy with the sides. You're not feeding them day in and day out,so there's no need to find a replacement protein for the meal.

      1. I've been a veggie dinner guest many times, and I hate to make my hosts fuss - for some reason they don't get it that I'm happy as can be eating everything on the table *except* the obligatory meat at the center!

        Really, two or three decent sides are fine. Thanks for the concern, but please don't worry - do, however, find out if your guest is a vegan, as mentioned above.

        1. If they're not vegan... just make a few extra fritters and salad. They'll be fine with all the sides.

          1. I agree w/ the others, keep the ribs. It sounds like there's enough for the vegetarian but if you wanted, you could add a good crusty bread. It would be great for the meat eaters with the short ribs.