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Dec 26, 2008 10:52 PM

Remains of the broth

I hate throwing away that big bowl of boiled up veggies. Does anyone use the leftover veggies for anything or should i just accept that they've served their purpose in life, and throw them away? Of course i always use up any meat that's been boiled. I love a nice bit of buttered brown bread, sliced dill pickles, salt and the meat off the boiled drumsticks, yummo!

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  1. If you really want to, you could try making soup: puree them, add some milk or cream and whatever flavoring agents you think appropriate (nutmeg, maybe?). I've never done this, mind you -- I toss them in the compost. But I understand why you hate to just throw them away. It's probably worth a try.

    1. This is where a dog comes in handy. Stir in a little bit of meat or skin, some bread, and it's a gourmet feast for Fido. Other than that, I don't think there's enough flavor left to be very useful. But I can imagine pureeing the veggies and freezing them in an ice cube tray or small containers, then adding them to gravy or future soups to add body. Maybe they could also go into creamed spinach or mashed/pureed root vegetables, in small amounts.

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        My Great Dane would go crazy for the stock leftovers [and boy, was he a fussy eater]--I would mix in a bit with his kibble when he would go on his periodic hunger strikes.

        Failing that, I like the idea of pureeing it and adding it to soup--I would not make it the base of the soup, just a nice additive.

        Another idea, if you are using meat for the stock: You can simmer the stock until the meat is done to the right level, remove the meat, let it cool, remove the meat from the bones, and return the bones and such into the stock and simmer further. I made some beef stock with some meat oxtails in preparation for christmas dinner, and I used the meat to make some oxtail mulligatawny soup.