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Dec 26, 2008 10:38 PM

patrick's roadhouse, malibu: corkage?

can one bring a bottle of bubbly or something to celebrate with at Patrick's in Malibu?

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  1. If you are talking about the Patrick's in Santa Monica I have the feeling that as long as they allow outside booze they won't have any corkage, but you can always check directly to double check.

    However, since they don't serve even beer or wine, if you go by the absolute alcohol beverage comission law they can't allow it, since they don't have a permit to serve alcohol. Because I only go for breakfast, booze hasn't been part of the dining deal here as of yet. (lol)

    Patrick's Roadhouse
    106 Entrada Dr, Santa Monica, CA 90402

    1. Patrick's Roadhouse in Santa Monica Canyon most likely doesn't allow outside alcohol or any alcohol. They don't have a liquor license. Are you sure you're going there to celebrate at night?

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        thanks! was thinking of doing brunch with mimosas to celebrate a birthday!