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Dec 26, 2008 10:35 PM

Good restaurant near the Grey Eagle Casino, Calgary?

Does anyone know a good place near the Grey Eagle Casino to get lunch or early dinner? My parents flatly refuse to go to the buffet, and I don't know that I blame them. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Signal Hill shopping area is a couple minutes away. You have all the average places to eat there. Earls, Montanas, A&W, Starbucks. There is a decent Irish Pub called Seanachie Irish Pub.

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      I like the Sunterra market restaurant, it's maybe 5 min west of the Signal Hill shopping centre.

    2. If they are into sushi there is a decent sushi place in the Glamorgan Shopping Centre on 37th and Richmond Road. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it. Also,it maybe too far away for them but Marda Loop has a number of good places.

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        The sushi place is called Momoyama.

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          Momoyama is the sushi place. Peach mountain is a translation. Not exactly the way a Japanese would write it but we think that's what they were going for.

        2. There is a decent sushi place on 37 St , just north of Glenmore Tr on the east side of the street. Can't remember the name. Real close - you could probably walk from the casino.

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              I believe the Sushi place Sarah is referring to is different and in fact is in the strip mall with the drive-thru Starbucks and a World Gym. I have driven by it but I can't remember the name either.

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                It's called Sushi Hanabi I believe. Though I they probably serve more plate servings then sushi. They have a good selection of rice dishes like Bimibap. My favorite so far is their Grilled Mackeral. I think it's called Shiro Saba or something but their menu's have pictures so you won't get anything too funky looking. They are in the Glamorgan Mall beside the Starbucks. It's good, if you're looking for a nice, fast, easy meal, it's a great place to go.

          1. Well you have Thai Chili Club House, Bow Bulogi and Spiros Pizza near 37th ST and 17th AVE.

            For Sushi in the area I would go to Misato near the Sunterra market on 17th & Sarcee or for a classy meal try out Le Villa in the same complex.

            For something cheap and good head to Bella Roma in Lakeside for pubfare.

            Lastly I have heard good things about the buffet there, some say the best in town. However there is quite a fight to get lobster tails on their seafood night I hear too....

            1. Try the Bella Roma in Lakview shopping plaza.It's only about 5 minutes away. Good place for lunch and dinner, steaks, really good pizza and lots of choice.