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Dec 26, 2008 09:55 PM

What's the brunch of the month in Las Vegas?

What is now the Sunday Brunch that you must go to? We have gone to The Bellagio, The Wynn, The Spice there one that is just going great now?

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  1. I certainly can't say what's "fashonable" now for folks in the know, but my wife and I were in LV earlier this week and the best brunch that we had was at Tableau near the Wynn's Tower Suites. The place was spectacular: the room was light, calm, and beautiful, service was flawless, the food was amazing. My low-carb diet was thrown aside as I enjoyed a pastry basket, wonderful toasted breads and Tableau potatoes (the best hash-brown interpretation I've yet had). Every bit of the food was wonderful - and some of it was outstanding. They brought a little "doggie bed" stand out for my wife to place her Chanel purse on (she liked that - those pocketbooks ARE like pets to her) so that (Heaven forfend!) she wouldn't have to put it on the floor or over the back of her chair.

    Anyhow, Tableau was relaxing and thoroughly wonderful. I think it wound up being about $85 for the two of us after tip, but two could get out of there happy and full for about half that.