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Dec 26, 2008 09:01 PM

Roast Beef Cuts

I want to roast a beef for New Year's Day but not a rib roast or tenderloin. What cuts are recommended for a nice tender flavorful beef. and whats the best way to cook it

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  1. Boneless sirloin (UK name), rolled and tied, which I think is called striploin in the US makes a great roast. Bang between rib and tenderloin in taste and texture terms, but (funny old world) rather closer to tenderloin in cost. I allow about 10-12 oz per head. I find that roasting one of these smaller than about 2 1/2 lbs. produces less satisfactory results. 15 minutes per lb + 10 mins at 400. Please, please, no longer than that. Rest for 10 mins.

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      Robin Joy,

      I had given credit and seconded this suggestion below in my earlier post, but somehow it was deleted. I did make a Strip Loin Roast for our family's Christmas dinner and it was excellent....and they say the Brits don't know good beef?

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        Thanks. We cooked it last night to see out '08, and it was great. Beef can be of variable quality over here, and the good stuff seems expensive......With current exchange rates we pay about $17 per lb for best sirloin and about $11 for rib (with bones in). It can be found for rather less, but I'd prefer to eat better quality of a cheaper meat, so we are having slow roasted organic pork belly tonight.

    2. Top sirloin (from the hip area) makes a good roast beef at a reasonable price. It can also be called top butt, top sirloin butt, center-cut roast, or spoon roast. It is boneless, well-marbled, oval-shaped (presumably this is why the "spoon" reference), with a cap of fat.

      1. My butcher has recommended an eye round. Isn't this a tough cut?

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          I only tried it for roast beef once, many years ago, and it did come out tough. I'm sure that's before I knew enough to pan-sear, then finish over low oven heat, so I must have oven-roasted it until it was brown. I've never tried that cut since. It's not a marbled roast and that makes me wary of it.

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            My butcher has recommended an eye round. Isn't this a tough cut?

            Eye round can be a good if you salt it heavily and wrap it in Saran for a minimum of 12 hours. I recently saw a video from America's Test Kitchens/Cook's Illustrated that looked promising....however... for the same amount of money, I would go for (greygarious)'s recommendation for the Top Sirloin Butt. If you slow roast this, the meat is very tender and flavorful....and according to CI is the best choice for a Poor Man's Roast Beef.

            For this past Christmas, instead of the traditional Standing Beef Rib Eye Roast.....for a change, I chose to have a Sirloin (New York Strip)Strip Roast. Trimmed it was about ten pounds....cooked at 215* for 4.5 hours and it was excellent.....From what I understand, this cut is very popular in the UK for the holidays...more so than here in the States.....that may change in my least it will be entered into the holiday rotation.

            Consider a full loin rack of pork.....not necessarily a Crown Pork Roast.....Pork is a very good buy and value this time of year....under $3.00/lb in most Northern New Jersey markets....butchers, I would expect the number to be double.

            I would also consider Tri-Tips and Hanger Steak slow roasted @ a low temperature.....Maybe not the presentation you are looking for , but wonderful flavor and tender cooked medium-rare to medium.....aproximately 2,5-3.0 hours @ 225*.

          2. I always use top round for roast beef, seared on the outside and extremely rare inside.