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Dec 26, 2008 07:27 PM

Sun Ming in Hutington (LI)... will it reopen?

Sun Ming has been closed for a while now... the sign on the door said (haven't checked it for a while though) it was closed for renovations.

Does anyone know the story? Will it reopen? We're still searching for great Chinese food near Plainview, after moving here in May. We ate here twice and really liked it (both the food and the kitsch).

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  1. If you want great Chinese food near Plainview, you must try 'The Orient" in Bethpage on Hicksville Road. Most of the clientele are oriental and the food is excellent. If you feel like going a little further, try The Fortune Wheel on Hempstead Turnpike near Levittown. Both places do Dim Sum lunches on weekends.

    I used to go to Sun Ming about 40 years ago with two Chinese friends. They always wanted me to order in Chinese. The only words that I could speak dealt with food.


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      I also live in Plainview and have gone to Sun Ming, I doubt that it will reopen. I have not seen any evidence of construction. I also recommend the Orient in Bethpage, I think it is better than Sun Ming. I have not gone to the Fortune Wheel but I have heard good things about it. There is also a restaurant near the Tri County Flea market that has decent food, very moderately priced family dinners. There is also a small palce on Southern Parkway and Central Park Road that has good food (nothing unusual) and nice staff. It is called Hunan garden.

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        Thanks for the tips. We've been to The Orient, and like it. Southern Parkway and Central Park Road in Plainview (next to Hunki's) is Hunan Cottage - we go there often.

        We'll add Fortune Wheel to the list, and also try to find the place near the Tri County Flea market (which I've never heard of, but I'll google it).

        1. re: dmel

          That's Hunan Dynasty by Tri County. We enjoyed it...

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          Are you guys kidding me? The Orient has less than average chinese food and shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence with Sun Ming. Sun Ming had the best chinese food. The Orient's shrimp and lobster sauce was soo fishy we threw it away. The fried rice was like white rice with bits of pork in it with a burnt taste. No egg , peas etc in it. The wonton soup was like tasteless water and the wontons were slimy! The egg roll was like any other cardboard tasting eggroll and doesnt come close to Sun Mings homemade eggroll. It is a great loss if they do not re-open. Good luck finding food like that anywhere.

      2. From what I've heard, don't expect the restaurant to reopen. According to a someone who went to school with one of the owners - the restaurant shut down because of a family dispute. No loss, since in my opinion, the food wasn't that good to begin with.

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        1. re: RichS

          Sun Ming was classic Chinese-American food. Nothing special or exotic.

          My first choice for classic Chinese-American is Kwong Ming on Jerusalem Avenue near Wantagh.


          1. re: Fred19

            I have not been to Kwong Ming for ages. THey use to have great bust greasy egg rolls. Are they still good?