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Chin Chin Sunset Closed?

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Noticed today that Chin Chin on Sunset had paper over the windows. When we got home we called and the message said to call the Brentwood or Beverly Hills locations for to go orders?

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  1. thank god. there are few things worse than mediocre "chinese" (BIG QUOTES, here) food. please, be a little adventurous and go to chinatown or san gabriel for some legit dim sum. you will be rewarded.

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      "thank god. there are few things worse than mediocre "chinese"

      I never thought of them as "authentic" Chinese, nor was it suppose to be. More a Cal interpretation, which I like sometimes.

    2. The Beverly Hills location isn't too bad. The Brentwood location is horrible. Sunset was the worst.

      1. I liked the original Chin Chins on Sunset from years and years ago before it remodeled and tried to go upstairs. Dim Sum and then sum was a good bargain and I liked their fried pork dumplings and bbq ribs. I haven't been there is over a year because they raised all the prices and the quality wasn't up to par. Sunset Plaza was just too difficult to park and drive to and from.

        1. Lucky -
          the others should close as well. It is under new ownership, so maybe someone is trying to right the ship by remodeling it and starting over. Main office is 310.237.7013 if you care any further.
          But any resemblance between its food and Chinese food, even the Americanized version, was strictly coincidental. Their "famous chinese chicken salad" (their term) required tweezers to get the chicken out.
          Dressing and wontons were ok, but...

          1. Can't imagine anyone missing this place....