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Dec 26, 2008 07:03 PM

Seattle Steakation

Our Christmas trip to Mexico was cancelled due to the snow, so we are making the most of being stuck in snowy Seattle for our 'staycation.' Since our tickets were refunded and we have some vacation money saved away, we have decided to treat ourselves to some great steakhouse dinners.

We've been to Morton's, the Met and Jaks, enjoyed great steaks at Cremant, Canlis, Cafe Presse, Saltoro and Betty. We have reservations for the Met on Saturday and dueling reservations for New Year's Eve at Daniels and Capital Grille.

Any other 'must have' steaks we should try?

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  1. The best steak I've had at a Seattle restaurant was a ribeye at the Palace Kitchen.

    They usually have a steak on the menu, but the cut changes from time to time. The menu on the website today - no idea if it's current - lists a wagyu flatiron steak. Haven't had it, can't speak to it.

    1. I had a great steak at El Gaucho, but it was years ago. I like the room, though, it reminds me more of a NY steakhouse -- not the typical Seattle decor. The only other standout steaks I've had are already on your list -- Canlis, Daniel's, and the Met. I think the Met is better than Daniel's all-around, so I'd suggest Capital Grille or another spot for NYE.

      1. The rib steak at the Waterfront Seafood Grill is excellent and the best steak in Seattle, imo. I also like the Ruth's Chris ribeyes better than any steak I've had at the Met or Mortons. The steak frites at 35th Street Bistro and Brasa are quite nice, and in a totally different price category, the carne asada (or carne adada con huevos at brunch) at Pesos are excellent. YUM.

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          Best steak I've had recently in town was a tendeloin at Bick's. I think it was a special that night, but it was better (and less expensive) than most of the other places in town...

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            I heard from a couple of you guys here about the ribeye at WSG, so I finally got it the other week, and I have to say, it was good, but I like what I get at Morton's, the Met and el Gaucho better.

            I think the ribeye at Jak's is just as good (at 2/3 the price...), which probably says more for Jak's than against Waterfront Grill.

          2. El Gaucho has a wonderful peppercorn-coated steak!