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Dec 26, 2008 06:21 PM

Colonial Williamsburg

We are spending the next two days in Williamsburg and Jamestown.

Lunch tomorrow, the Carrot Tree. It's on the way to Jamestown and looks like it has lost of salads. Has anyone eaten there?

Dinner, Food for Thought, Second St. or Blue Talon. Opinion? My father-in-law won't change for dinner so it has to be somewhere casual.

Next day lunch? Big question. We will be actually in the colonial part all day. What's in walking distance, I guess, actually in the historical area. We won't want to get the car.


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  1. There are a lot of choices within walking distance. There are, of course, the colonial restaurants if you want something different. For a little bit more upscale dining you could go to the Trellis or Blue Tavern. More casual fare can be found in the next block over at Aromas coffee house and Retros. Retros has great fries, burgers, etc.

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      if you've never done it before i recommend eating at one of the colonial taverns for the experience. it's not like the food is the best ever but...
      chowning's has the most limited menu at lunch but the brunswick stew is good. rest boring.
      i think both kings arms and christiana campbell's have a more full menu with the awesome peanut soup.