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Dec 26, 2008 06:20 PM

Titaya Review 12/26/08

Cleared the palate from a diet of turkey and cranberry mold with some Thai at a new place for us. Papaya salad outstanding - very hot and very refreshing. Green curry fried rice was excellent and did not feel like it had been fried. Definitely a keeper. Green curry eggplant was slightly disappointing and bland. Pad thai unconventional and very good. Black rice pudding was warm and nicely layered. BestThai I've had in Austin. Will definitely return.

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  1. where is this place located? what are the prices like? wine list? byob?

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    1. re: amykragan

      N. Lamar, just south of Koenig/2222.

      Not BYOB, basic wine list. Great food makes up for it. More discussion here:

    2. yes, i would have to agree... best thai in austin. check it...

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      1. re: Philip Speer

        Titaya's has been consistently good for the last couple years I have been frequenting it. Seems to be one of the few restaurants that i regularly see friends from south of the river making the pilgrimage for.

        speaking of south of the river, when do we get an uchi, phillip? is that still in the works or is this crappy economy slowing that project?

        1. re: ieathereforeiam

          project is still full steam ahead. the new location is currently housing a dialysis clinic so, relocation has been difficult. we are looking at 12-18 months out. build out on interior and ex will be the main factor on how quickly this project goes. we are looking forward to expanding and hope that we will be received well in our new location! i will keep everyone posted with further details!

      2. Huge fan of Titaya's . . . I've never been disappointed, not once. I used to go there at least once a week for dinner with a friend. The stir-fried dishes are great, especially the Pad Woon Sen or Pad Praram. And I love love love the appetizers. A definite must try. They're tasty enough that my girlfriend and I will drive there from NW Austin for dinner or even takeout.

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        1. re: MyySharona

          I agree, and love Titaya's. I eat there a lot. My favorites are the pad thai, and pad kee mao, and I get them very spicey. The dishes above have a lot of meat, and the pad kee mao has a good amount of veggies which a lot of thai places tend to skimp on. You can get extra steamed white rice for 50 cents, and mixing that with the leftovers makes for another meal. Also, the lunch specials 6.50 and good size portions.

          1. re: Scrambletron

            Titaya is wonderful except for one thing: the pad Thai. It is too ketchupy which seems to be the case with every Thai restaurant I've been in Austin. It is very different from any pad Thai I have ever had, rather it be in Thailand or any American city. Are there any places with perhaps more authentic pad Thai in Austin?

            1. re: mkbrew

              ketchupy? ew, that just makes no sense to me.
              i will have to try titaya's, since i miss all my old, cheap boston haunts now that i've transplanted.

        2. I love Titaya. While the more "traditional" Thai dishes (like the noodle dishes, etc) are really good, I also really recommend some of the specials. They serve a seafood dish called Hor Mok Talay which is one of my favorite dishes in any Thai restaurant. I highly recommend it; it's a kind of spicy, steamed seafood combo.