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Dec 26, 2008 05:49 PM

Best Mole dishes in Austin?

I will be having a friend in town from Connecticut in a few months who has recently discovered mole at one of the only Mexican restaurants in his hometown. Are there any recommendations for good mole dishes in town? I would assume he had either the red kind or the kind with chocolate, and this is what he would like to try.

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  1. The only decent mole poblano of which I am aware is served at Las Palomas on Bee Caves Rd.

    1. Oaxacan Tamaleo is the best I've had in town. It was served over dark turkey meat when I had it.

      That place with the chip tower on S. 1st (why is the name escaping me?) has a very good, complex mole also.

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        I think you're referring to Evita' Botanitas.

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          Oaxacan Tamaleo sells their sauce at as well. (They recommend that you add an equal amount of chicken broth to the mole) I'm planning on buying some for my leftover turkey.
          I also like the mole at Sazon. To me, it is close to OT (haven't dined in the new location yet)

        2. Try the pork mole enchiladas at Curra's on Oltorf.

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            Much has been written about the consistency at Curra's, but over the last 10 years the mole has remained a standout. It is the best in town as far as I am concerned. I regularly order a side of it with whatever else I am eating.

            Fonda San Miguel has a great mole as well.

            I like El Chile's fine, but I often wonder if it isn't just a jarred paste. I make it like that at home and it tastes the same as theirs.

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              I entirely agree with the endorsements of Curra's (Oltorf loc.) and Fonda San Miguel. One time at the latter I had a Green Mole served on Roast Duck. Sublime, every bit as good as any fine French dish I've tried. One place that had good Mole for a while was Sazon on S. Lamar, but the last couple of times I've been there it was only above average.

              As an aside, I find it a miracle if any restaurant serves a Mole that tastes like the real thing, i.e. like a real authentic homemade version, using a recipe from someone's grandma. I know how to make the real thing (ok, only one version, the recipe from someone else's grandma)--its fairly involved, but distinct tasting when done right. And absolutely incredible when you find something approaching or exceeding it. I would guess most restaurants use a premade version (same way most use some kind of premade stock, instead of doing it the way Escoffier recommends), and only a few bother with say the steps of roasting & grinding the spices, dried chilies & nuts fresh

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                Escoffier made mole? That's a surprise.....

          2. El Chile on manor rd. does some pretty good mole.

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              I'll second the El Chile recommendation. Their pork mole enchiladas are delicious.

            2. My favorite is Manuel's. I've even been known to ask for a side of it to go with my queso and tortillas.