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Romantic Venues - Jackson, MS?

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I am looking for romantic venues with finer dining in the Jackson/Madison/Ridgeland area. I have come across a few names but would love any input from people who have dined there. The names I have come across include Pavoni's, Nick's, Schimmel's, Shapley's, and The Parker House.

All input is greatly appreciated, and other recommendations are welcomed.

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  1. elixir has great food and a lovely atmosphere.


    1. Both Nick's and The Parker House are very good!

      1. I'm sorry the Jacksonians aren't more helpful to you. We moved away from Madison in 2003, but loved the three private booths at Parker House.

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          Another vote for Elixir. For me, it's all about the lighting when it comes to a romantic ambiance. I didn't think Schimmels had a romantic atmosphere, but "romance" is very subjective afterall! Enjoy.

        2. Although the food at Nick's is quite good, I don't think of it as romantic venue. Elixir is much more so with a sophisticated decor and good food. The Parker House is always a good choice.

          1. We ate at Elixir Friday night. There is more on the menu than is reflected in the web site. I had some delicious blackfish. For an appetizer we had sweet potato fries accompanied by a feta mousse. I'm now craving the mousse. But VaPaula and alison have it right about the "romantic" part. The food is great but the lighting is perfect, the music is good and the velvet banquettes as well as the sheer curtains on the lower floor are heavenly. And, of course, there's the urbane Skip Nessel who will make you feel thoroughly welcomed if he's there that night.