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Dec 26, 2008 03:56 PM

Taco Trucks in the Outer Boroughs?

I am planning a taco truck tour of the east this summer and wonder about taco trucks in the boroughs. I have visited 2 in Queens, 1 in Yonkers and one in 1 in Brooklyn on past visits to the area. Your help, with a short review and directions, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. check out this article:

    Village Voice restaurant critic, Robert Sietsema, leads the quest for the best taco on Roosevelt Avenue, from 111th St. to 85th St. (in Jackson Heights) where 'taco exhaustion' ends the journey... almost...

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    1. Here's info on a GREAT cart.: Tia Julia's

      And here's a link for JimLeff's classic Jackson Heights street food tour of Spring 07:

      And if you want to mix your great Chinese street food into the mix, the food courts of Flushing (esp Golden Mall and the new Roosevelt mall) have been getting lots of attention, and the NYTimes did a great tour, with links (cite can be found on OB board)

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        Thanks, so much! My oldest high school buddy and excellent chowhound lives in Queens and badly needs a visit!

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          Endless summer on bedford st in williamsburgh.

      2. There are taco carts in Fordham Plaza in the Bronx that I see on my way to a meeting. I have never tried them but they seem to do a lot of business.

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          Thanks! When we visit in the NYC area, we explore the outer boroughs. Next time Bronx Park & Arborium and tacos!

        2. Just ran across this and thought of you: Late night Sunset Park trucks...

          1. several of the Red Hook vendors have their trucks outside the Bell House on Saturday nights.