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Dec 26, 2008 03:51 PM

Taco Trucks in the Tristate Region?

I am planning a taco truck tour of the east this summer and wonder if there any taco trucks in the are that I should not miss. Your help, with a short review and directions, would be very much appreciated. I know of one in Hoboken and another on the Henry Hudson Pky. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. that ought to be a fast tour. :)

    There's one in Fairfield County:

    I don't know of any in Westchester at all. If there are, it would be down Yonkers way, I would think.

    There are a few up in New Haven, and likely some in Bridgeport, but someone like JohnnyCT would probably be better able to speak to those:

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      Thanks so much! I really feel that w/ the large Hispanic migration to the northeast there must be a lot of hidden trucks where the immigrants work. Construction sites? Or the barrios in which they live. I wonder if it is a cultural gap. Hounders in the northeast, I'm guessing, tend to be as a group, white, educated upper/middle class individuals not asttuned to the glories of the lowly taco truck. (Boy, I bet I get a whack to the back of the neck on this one!) But you understand what I'm trying to intuit.
      There is a taco truck on the Yonkers/ Westchester Co border, just off the HH Pky.
      I do know the southern Ct/ Westchester Co well through endless trips from Maine to central NJ over the past 15 years. And know the Hartford/Middletown area as a Westleyan dad.
      Funny, Scargod, Texan and superb hound, didn't seem to the New Haven taco trucks, but we did hit some excellent hole-in-the wall Mexican joints.
      I'd love to put out some kind of desk top published taco truck guide to the northeast.
      Build them and they will come.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        hounders, even in these parts, are pretty astute on these issues. Don't underestimate the power of the crowds here...

        the new haven taco trucks line up on Long Wharf Dr., right off of 95:

        1. re: adamclyde

          Sorry if I seemed to underestimate. If I mention a taco truck up here, people think I misspoke and meant Tonka Truck!!! Taco trucks are a true southwest passion.
          Thanks for the New Haven info. Looks like 95 to 495 to Manchester NH, down 93 to Boston and back 95 to Providence and south through CT taco towns.
          Maybe I'll get our '67 VW painted as the taco express!

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          One thing to keep in mind is that the Hispanic community in the Northeast is not as Mexican focused, as it is on the West Coast or Chicago. It is pretty diverse and you'd find a lot of immigrants from the Hispanic Caribbean, other parts of Central America and even South America, who have a different food culture.

      2. NYC 14th st and 8th ave - el idolo

        1. I'm thinking there won't be too many, if you're looking for homemade type food. That's against the law: food has to be cooked and sealed in a factory or authorized catering facility to be sold off premise. So you may find them but they'll be looking over their shoulder constantly, or moving around. Many delis here on Long Island have authentic fare, especially tamales that are hand made. They're the busiest delis around usually. Now if you want a hot dog truck, that's another story........I've heard there are alot of carts somewhere in the Boroughs at a soccer park, but can't give you any more info than that.

          1. there are two competing trucks in westchester,just off I-95 by larchmont on 5th ave, by city park in new rochelle,both are good,not great,and was probably better before the second one opened, more competition did help but price war did not .btw the only entrance to 95 is southbound only, you must drive a couple of miles locally to get to the next northbound entrance(mamaroneck) -yes that mamaroneck home of the (in)famous Sal's pizza

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              I know the area, 95 it is, thanks!

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                Rich - where exactly are these taco trucks? I live in Mamaroneck and have never heard or seen one in Larchmont or New Rochelle but would love to. I'm not quite understanding your directions so please help me out here.

                1. re: laylag

                  they are right by city park ball field, fifth ave by larchmont border, right where ikea wanted to build, i haven't seen them for a couple of days now but with this weather they may not be out.

              2. This is the one that everyone raves about, but I understand from other posts that it may be closed until spring.

                El Charrito Taco Truck
                201 Richmond Hill Ave., Stamford CT