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Dec 26, 2008 03:44 PM

Taco Trucks in the Boston Area?

I'm planning a taco truck tour this summer and wonder if there are any taco trucks in the Boston area? We also often pass through the area, but know of none; the closest being in Manchester, NH. A brief review and the address please. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. This seems ripe for a board-sponsored crawl.

    1. There is a truck at MIT (Jose's) that serves various types of tacos and burritos, but it sucks.

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        1. re: Passadumkeg

          The meats are poor quality and underseasoned, the salsa is not fresh, etc. It's as good as any of the other trucks, which is to say that it's not any good, but it's close to a lot of people's offices and it's cheap compared to the standard Kendall Square options.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Goosebeary's, Jerusalem Cafe, and this new foofy Clover Food Lab thing. As I said, they do a lot of business because there's a lot of desperate people who don't want to walk all the way over to Mass Av to get a burrito at Anna's. The lack of CH-type "cheap ethnic eats" of any significant quality in this area is unfortunate, because there's a good audience for it.


              1. re: Luther

                Don't disagree with your assessment of the food trucks in that area, but I think Jose's is actually one of the better options of the lot (at least most consistent and you know what you're going to get). Goosebeary's has a ridiculously long line for some downright nasty food. I've tried about 5 things from their menu,. and I only find one to be edible. I've pretty much tossed out the rest after one or two bites.

                My dream is for the displaced bahn mi cart from the Chinatown Eatery to set up shop next to these folks.

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        1. I can't find it now, but I know someone here had mentioned worthy taco trucks in Chelsea and some nearby communities (maybe Everett?) I would love to pick up that thread again.

          It has always slightly bugged me that no ones knows of a single good taco truck in Greater Boston. I'm hoping that's just an issue of our not having been relentless enough in uncovering one. As a rule, Chelsea seems to be largely unexplored here; I would love to get some good pointers to worthwhile low-end Chelsea joints (of any cuisine) here.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            There is a good Mexican restaurant in Chelsea that I found from an earlier post, Mexican Food Heaven. Cruised the area is sept looking for a diner for my son's last US breakfast before moving to Thailand. Had to settle for DDonuts, but I did notice the heavy Hispanic influence.

          2. (Re-post, modulated!) Passadumkeg - There just ain't trucks in Boston! See (Here's a thread on Boston street food, such as it is:


            BUT, having said that, here are some more ideas: We had a GREAT crawl in JP (Jamaica Plain, large nbhd in Boston) of Latino food last summer:
            Eastie (East Boston, nbhd) has a ton of taquerias, but the food is just OK. Better: Angela's Cafe in Eastie has a wonderful cook from Puebla, who is known for her mole made from scratch, and she has very good tacos, gorditas, pozole, and so on! Eastie has other great Latino food (non-Mexican), including the best ceviche in town!

            Chelsea and Lynn are two other working-class, immigrant communities nearby that have great hole in the wall places, but not much in the way of Mexican, specifically. (We'd be happy to do a Crawl, and a couple CHers know this area well.


            Waltham, west of Boston, by 128, has some great, sit-down Mexican places that are homey places where everyone (well, almost!) speaks Spanish...

            Have fun, and let us know if you'd like company! Fredi

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            1. re: fredid

              Passadumkeg - maybe you can sub in a Speed's dog instead of a truck taco?
              The Speed's dog is pretty much the best wheeled food you'll find in the area.


              Search the board for more thoughts.

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                Thanks. Yes, I know of Speeds, are they worth the money? I am a dog hound too. We hit Georges Coney Island Dogs in Worcester and Spikes Junkyard Dogs in Providence when driving through. I went to high school in NJ, arguably the epicenter of the hot dog universe. We love dog wagons. I'm just trying to broadin my horizons!

                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  I think it's definitely worth it, if for nothing else but the experience. Personally, I am more a fan of NY-style dogs for everyday eating, but Speed's is not to be missed, especially if you are passing through on a chow tour.

                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                    Absolutely in my book. I used to go to Spikes a lot when I went to school in Providence, but personally I think Speed's dog is superior. Then again, Spike's strength, to me, was always the choices in toppings, whereas Speed's is just a great, massive dog with a few toppings choices (try asking for everything, it's probably the best way to go but bring a towel).

                    1. re: TPistrix

                      Getting all of the toppings is definitely the best way to go unless you absolutely hate something.