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Dec 26, 2008 03:19 PM

Taco Trucks in New England?

I'm starting to plan a taco tour of the east this summer and wonder are there any taco trucks in the urban New England areas. I know of one in Manchester, NH. Any in your area?

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  1. Providence has a taco truck or at least it used to.

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      1. re: Passadumkeg

        Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT had one as of last year when I worked downtown.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Thanks, starting to get my route. Manchester, Nh to Providence to Hartford to Hew Haven to to Stamford ...

        2. re: Passadumkeg

          Providence: Taqueria Taconazo is a semi-truck, in that it's a taco truck that is now parked permanently and built out with an enclosed space to sit. But it's definitely still a taco truck in its facilities and in spirit. Find it on Valley St, in the same parking lot as the indoor Valley St flea market. It's some of the best, most passionate mexican cooking I've had. The sopes are highly recommended.

          1. re: celeriac

            Great, my trip down 95 is getting better all the time; maybe I should take Rt 1 for more chow adventure. Any idea what happened to Bolivian Restaurant on Chalkstone Ave? I stopped by Columbus Day weekeend and it was shut. I used to live in Bolivia and as on would imagine, the cuisine is a little hard to find.

      2. I beleive there are a few that park by the harbor in New Haven - - mostly on weekdays and lunch hours I think.......

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          I just stopped there today - more trucks than I have noticed in the past - there were lots of people eating- had two yummy beef tacos for $2 (total) - but there was no menu and I wasn't sure what to order, in other words, I'm sure that they have lots of good stuff that I didn't know about - but definitely add the New Haven Taco trucks to your list - I think the exit is Sargent Drive - very near Ikea.

        2. There used to be one near downtown nashua. Been a few years since i went. Was on a side street near a playground if i recall correctly, couple streets away from main st.

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          1. re: hargau

            I loved the ones found in the Gorge area..wish Cape Cod had one for when I visit...

            1. re: phelana

              Where is the Gorge area pray tell?

            2. re: hargau

              The truck in Nashua is called Tacos Nayarit which I believe is somehow related to the truck in Manchester, NH. You'll find it on Pine St. between Ledge St. and West Hollis St., but lately it has to move a little each day, sometimes forced to park between buildings. Unfortunately the city recently converted the skateboard park into a parking lot which wiped out its ideal parking spot.

            3. drive down broad street in prov most any will come across 7-10 trucks along the road. 3-4 of them have taco's.

              1. P - Here's a great tip from CHer Dave Cook:

                By the way, his blog is just filled with goodies, including taco trucks in Queens and so on - Have fun exploring!

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                1. re: fredid

                  Don Nacho has a taco truck which is parked right at the intersection of Barton and Dexter in Pawtucket. The quality started out amazingly, but I don't grab tacos there as much as before.

                  Also, you can call them and have them ready to pick up!

                  1. re: GabachaYucateca

                    Don Nacho is excellent and I think the best taco option in RI.

                  2. re: fredid


                    Thank you so much for this link! I am in NYC lots, and this blog is so well organized and helpful. Looks like there are some subway food trips in my future...