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Dec 26, 2008 02:23 PM

suggest a cake book please

i'm sort of new baking and i really prefer recipes that give exact, weighed conversions for the ingredients. i want to focus on cakes and i wonder if you could suggest a cookbook that:

-includes lots of cakes and a variety of frostings
-recipes in grams and/or ounces
-is not the cake bible

i was looking at boyle's cake book but wasn't sure how that one rates.


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  1. Do you need a book, or would a web site work? I really like the details in the Joy of Baking website and they have a nice section on cakes. They give measurements in standard cups, etc. and in weight.

    I have liked every cake (and tried every one) in the Best Recipe. They have a the basics and basic frosting (haven't tried them all). The version (older) I have doesn't have the weights, but I have a manual that gives the conversions handy. Cooks Illustrated has a cake cookbook now.

    I've also found quite a few of these books at the library and it's been helpful to check them out and try out a few recipes first.

    1. You can't go wrong with The Cake Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Every recipe works, she explains things clearly, and even if things seem to complicated or too many steps--the results are worth it! I just noticed you said "not the Cake Bible"--why not?

      1. I've loved every cake I've made in the King Arthur Baking book. It's not a cake cookbook but the recipes work and are the best versions I've had for the classic cakes that are the building blocks of so many cakes--white, yellow, chocolate--and their frosting and filling recipes are excellent, too. If you're new to cake baking, you may also want to check out Shirley Corriher's Bakewise. It has been getting rave reviews and explains a lot of the why's behind cake baking.

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          I love the website. Chock full of information about cakes and everything you would ever want to know about the how's and why's of cake baking. You might be interested in Sarah Phillips' book, Baking 9-1-1. It's gotten excellent reviews.

        2. chowser- a website will work and i've followed joy of baking before with success once before. not too many layers on the site but certainly meets my needs. i was looking for the CI layer book today at barnes and noble but only found the best recipe. which best recipe edition do you have? thx for the suggestions.

          ideefixed- my head spins when i look at the instructions for the cake bible!

          velda- i did look at the king arthur book today too and didn't see a large variety of layer cakes but i'll have to look again. their blog has some great recipes. i'll look at bakewise too. Thanks!!

          addicted- good to know. i was browsing the other day but stopped bc i had to register for the site. i'll stop being lazy : )

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            I have the basic original Best Recipe that is all inclusive. They have a section for all the basic cake recipes. But, I've liked them all and have thought of getting their layer cake book. But, if you have a good recipe for the basic cakes, there's so much playing around w/ different toppings, filling, etc. that I don't NEED anything more, just want it.;-)

            1. re: midtownDiner123

              The Cake Bible seems a little intimidating at first glance. If you read through the entire recipe and take the time to do things exactly as the recipe states you will not be dissappointed.

              I have The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and it gets more use than any other book in my collection.

            2. I agree that the Cake Bible is a bit beyond a good basic cake cookbook. I was very pleased with the results when I want to go beyond the basics, but I don't always want to go that route. My most sucessful cakes have come from the Silver Palate Cookbooks, and I use a Mark Bittman basic cake receipe from How to Cook Everything over and over. I don't have it yet, but I'm thinking the Sweet Side of Amy's Bread might work for you.