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Dec 26, 2008 01:50 PM

Where to find yuzu juice?

Hey 'hounders,

I'm in the search of good yuzu juice for the sake of baking a cream cheese layer cake that's from Francois Payard's book, "Chocolate Epiphany." I don't know where the heck can I find it! Please give me your shopping advice.



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  1. They have a few variety at Sunrise Mart in EV. I think Katagiri should have it as well. They are not fresh per se, but bottled. They are placed close to the vinegar section (but don't be mistaken with yuzu-su (yuzu vinegar).

    It's quite expensive, about $10 for a small bottle.

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      Jeebus, this is would be one expensive cake. I hope it covers the recipe (of 2 oz. or 60 g).

      Thanks, kobetobiko!

      1. re: chocokitty

        Yup, I found it at Sunrise Mart a while back and it is freaking expensive. And definitely make sure you don't get the yuzu vinegar with spices/flavorings.

        Maybe you can use yuzu powder instead of yuzu juice, or a combination of both?