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Dec 26, 2008 01:33 PM

ISO pork shoulder with skin

We're aiming to cook a pork shoulder (or leg) with cracklings a la porcetta but cannot at all find a butcher that sells it with the skin. A friend of mine from Cuba used to be able to purchase at a place in the Mission but last year was not able to find it there. She wound up going to Ranch 99 in Richmond and was able to buy there but we just asked this year and they said no.
We also tried a Mexican/Central American butcher at another place in Richmond but they said no too. Apparently skin is not as a big a deal in Mexico and Central America as it is in the Carribean.

Can anyone point us to a supply or a butcher in SF or the East Bay that has pork shoulder with the skin on?


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  1. A Chinese butcher would probably have what you want. I have bought pork shoulders with skin at New May Wah at 547 Clement, and at Sunset Super on Irving Street. I also think that the butcher in the Mission Market arcade at 2590 Mission could provide one.

    1. If you're asking for the blade, it usually has at least half the skin removed. If you look for a Pic-Nic shoulder, as it's called here, it almost always has the skin on. I've found them in many places--unfortunately almost all have been Lucky and Safeway type places.. BTW, in Mexico, they take the skin off and make chicharron. I once bought one in Mexico City for a huge gathering for New Years and made it there--I assuming your going to make Pernil?

      Honestly, ask for a pic nic shoulder, you might have better luck.

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        Actually I'm going to make an Italian porcetta type meal using a Jamie Oliver recipe to start. It calls for a boneless pork shoulder with skin for crackling with the cut butterflied so that it can be stuffed and roasted. Long story is that we share the holiday meals with several friends. We usually do the Thanksgiving turkey with the others handling Christmas and New Year's Day. This year we switched and got New Year's. The friend who usually does New Year's typically makes a Cuban pork dish so I thought I'd counter with an Italian take on it.
        I'm going to use a Big Green Egg for the recipe. I got one back in July and have been experimenting on it by converting all kinds of dishes for it with mostly amazing results. I have no doubt this will turn out well too.
        BTW, I called VerBrugge in Oakland and had it ordered boneless and butterflied. Probably not as cheap as Safeway but the first time I wanted to make sure i got what I wanted.

        Thanks again all!

      2. Yeah, I saw them at Lucky a couple days ago. Probably not where you'd go if you had your druthers, but they've definitely got them.

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        1. re: Hunicsz

          Yep, saw them at Lucky's and Safeway. Not a lot maybe two or three in vacuum seal bag.

        2. Those $0.99/lb bone-in, 6lb, pork shoulders that are on sale at Safeway this week,
          in their incarnation in the stealth-safeway "pak n save" on 40th and San Pablo in
          Emeryville, they've got a fully skinned side.