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Dec 26, 2008 01:33 PM

The best lox and sable???


I've been a longtime customer of Russ & Daughters and their fish is undeniably excellent. I'm wondering who else is in Manhattan or NJ that stacks up???

The problem with R&D for me is their deteriorating attitude. I think the latest generation is too caught up in their growing celebrity (as perceived by them) due to some PBS shows and more and more, their "schmooze" lacks sincerity. Just yesterday I witnessed the male cousin being outright nasty to an old woman for no reason at all.

I like their fish, but would prefer to buy from a place that has great products and is focused on the customers and not themselves.

Any help out there???

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  1. All on the USW, Zabar's, Murrays & Barney Greengrass. All are very good. We may not have much on the UWS in the way of sit down chow, but we do have salmon and sable.

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      Barney Greengrass makes the best lox in the city, as far as I'm concerned. I rarely buy it from Zabar's or R&D anymore.

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        You're kidding right? As a result of this post, I tried Greengrass. I would equate their lox and sable with what I can get at any NJ supermarket - like Shop Rite. And pre-sliced? No no no - no place that's for real ever pre-slices. We were there and had second thoughts, but went ahead anyway based on the responses here. What a waste of a lot of money (way overpriced) and an opportunity to eat better.

        There isn't too much food that I can claim to really know something about, but lox and sable - I'm very qualified to warn others to stay away from this dump. I have to agree with thew below "i'd prefer good fish with a bad attitude than bad fish with a smile". R&D has big ego problems, but I'll have to deal with them and rush out of there w/the fish.

        BTW - been turned on to Ess-a bagels and have had nothing but good experiences so far.

        1. re: syakoban

          I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I have never encountered pre-sliced lox at Barney Greengrass; in fact I have never encountered a reaction anywhere near to yours. From Ed Levine down to me, most everyone has liked Barney Greengrass, I can only hope that this was a one-off.

    2. i'd prefer good fish with a bad attitude than bad fish with a smile, but i guess that is neither here nor there.

      on the upper east side - sable's on 78th and 2nd

      1. Zabar's has gone downhill and Russ & Daughters is a hard act to follow. I think Murray's has great lox - esp. their eastern nova - and good sable. They really know how to slice lox - a dying art. Barney Greengrass is the only place to get sturgeon, and their other fish is pretty good. Their herring doesn't compare to Russ & Daughters. Fairways is ok.

        BTW, while at Murrays, check out their herring, tuna salad, schav, and spinach-egg salad. Really good.

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          1. Try Sable's on 2nd Avenue near 75th, 76th. The smoked fish is of very high quality. And while you're waiting, they give out free tastes of their stupendous lobster salad!

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              Ditto. Love Sables--everything is so fresh and those samples are the best.