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Dec 26, 2008 12:16 PM

Houston - Venezuelan (Sabor Venezolano)

I'm getting reports from Venezuelan friends about good Venezuelan food inside the Shell gas station at Cinco Ranch Blvd and Mason Road in Katy (no surprise here since it's Katy-zuela). It seems to be the go-to place for cachapas and Venezuelan-style empanadas. The place supposedly closes everyday at 5 pm. Has anyone been here and confirm?

And any other Venezuelan places besides the yummy Miguelito's on Richmond near the Galleria?

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  1. Tuttopane Artesanal Bakery & Cafe opened up on Westheimer near Eldridge - it's the place to go for empanadas, cachitos, arepas, pan dulce, and other things.

    1. I have been there several times and it's really good!! it's better than miguelito's!! the empanadas are perfect , they are not too greasy. The lady that cooks them says she deep fries them at very hight temp so they don't soak up so much grease. try it!

      1. The place in Katy is called Deli's Cafe.

        btw, Savor Venezolano is the name of a Venezuelan truck that I've been to; it's parked on Westheimer one block east of Fondren and has a huge menu of street foods.

        1. I used to live in Venezuela, but haven't tried any of the offerings here yet. (I'm not big on street food). But we did used to eat these wonderful fried white cheese croquettes and I do miss those. I don't recall what they called them, it's been a while. We got our cheese, booze, and coca cola off the black market. Good stuff. Although now I see where not eating street food, but eating black market food seems like a contradiction. Have been meaning to try Miguelitos.

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              Yea, I saw that somewhere just after my comment. Too bad, I wanted to try it out.