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Dec 26, 2008 08:36 AM

Lunch in Baltimore?

Flying out to Texas tomorrow and looking for a place somewhat near BWI with seafood or something noteable. Was also thinking about Hamilton Tavern. Thoughts?

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  1. Do you know that Hamilton Tavern is about a half-hour from BWI?

    South Baltimore is closer: Thai Arroy, Rub, Ryleigh's, Metropolitan

    1. Timbuktu is close to BWI, we go for the for crab cakes, I prefer them broiled not fried.

      Timbuktu Restaurant and Lounge
      1726 Dorsey Road
      Hanover, Maryland 21076
      Phone: 410-796-0733

      1. For "something notable" you might want to consider Chinese at CH fav Grace Garden. You can check out one of the longest threads in CH history on the topic. It's maybe 15 minutes from BWI.

        Timbuktu, and its cousin G&M are pretty controversial on this forum, but close to BWI. You may want to check out old posts on the subject.

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          I'm with ellen. If you don't go to Grace Garden you're making a mistake. Order off the Chinese menu -- it's translated.

          This is suberb. Nothing else will even come close.

        2. Little Spice is an excellent Thai place about 5 mins from BWI. Son't know if it's open for lunch.