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Dec 26, 2008 07:38 AM

Planned Leftovers-for work lunches

Now that Christmas is over with, I've moved on to my new year's resolution making. Bringing lunch to work is near the top of my list. I like to cook something big on Sundays or after work during the week and then have the leftovers for lunches. Some of my usuals: chili, soups, pastas, quiches, etc. Things that are tasty and easy to reheat in a microwave.
I've done this off an on for the past couple of years and would love some new ideas. Seems like lots of hounds do something similar for lunches.
Anything that doesn't rely too heavily on dairy would be an added bonus. Besides that, I'll try just about anything at least once!

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  1. quinoa or brown rice tossed with a salad
    chopped salad with tahini dressing
    roasted veg sandwich
    leftover homemade pizza
    grilled chicken on a salad
    baked tofu and vegetables
    sauteed greens, brown rice, tofu

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      Thanks, cheesecake17! I've been meaning to work some more quinoa into my diet...I never even thought to toss it with salad.

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        It's good mixed with spinach or arugula. I made quinoa yesterday and mixed in black beans, chick peas, and tahini dressing. For work this week, I'll mix it with a salad or add in chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and parsley.

        Quinoa is a good thing to whip up and just leave in the fridge.. it pretty much goes with anything.

    2. Just roasted a tenderloin for Christmas and have been making incredibly delicious sandwiches -- highly recommended. Great with the remainder of the creamed spinach on ciabatta and whole-grain mustard. Still trying to figure out how to reheat mashed potatoes though; if I succeed they're going right in the sandwich.

      1. We do this all the time since we're vegan and I'm gluten-free. Today's lunch was leftover brown rice, adzukis, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Others include:
        Black beans, brown rice, broccoli, and salsa
        Masamba: Potatoes, w/kale or collards, topped with mixture of peanut butter & salsa
        (GF) pasta with garbanzos, tomatoes and veggies (broc, zuke, etc)
        Brown rice, hazelnuts, sweet potatoes and balsamic vinegar or tamari
        Brown rice and stir fry veggies
        Quinoa w/broccoli or zuke, bell peppers, etc.
        Transylvanian Goulash (
        )various recipes from "Simply Vegan" cookbook
        During the summer we take Shepherd's Salad (also called Israeli salad among others)

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          Israeli salad is great with spicy Moroccan carrot salad and some hummus or tahini.

          1. I'm a teacher, so I can't go out for lunch. Unlike my husband, I get really bored eating sandwiches every day for lunch, and I can't stand frozen dinners. So I bring leftovers for lunch. My favorites are soups and casseroles. Lentil soup is great, so is caldo verde (just made this tonight), pumpkin curry soup tastes great re heated, so does potato.

            As for casseroles, I like a baked mac and cheese, with chopped ham or bacon, and wilted spinach stirred in before baking, scalloped potatoes, or lasagna.