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Dec 26, 2008 07:00 AM

Teaching a class on Mousse

At Thanksgiving I opened my big mouth about how I used to make Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse on the holidays for my family. It was nearly twenty years ago. Now my sister in-law wants me to teach a Mousse class for her girls. They are very sweet and I don't want to blow it! I think I used Madeline Kamman's recipes. Any recipe suggestions? Any advice of teaching the technique? I know I can do it but teaching is new to me.

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  1. I think that the most important part of making mousse (and its cousin, the soufflé) is learning how to fold properly. In fact, I believe that Madeline Kamman is quite a stickler on that point, and if you could teach everyone to fold properly, they would learn a technique that would stand them in good stead for making mousse and untold other cooking and baking tasks.

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      She was quite strict about the folding! Down the center and fold over. I still remember. I think I will concentrate on that. Thanks

    2. teaching, in general, is partially about preparation - I'd run through the recipe yourself once or twice so you know you can get the results you want. Then showing someone else is a lot easier. You might also want to print out the recipe, and go through the ingredients with the girls - you don't mention how much cooking experience they have. But, running through the list, and talking about the ingredients is an important aspect of cooking, as well. (While probably not with a mousse, are there things like a chemical reaction going on with like baking soda and an acid and so on)

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        Great ideas. Very helpful. I don't really know how much cooking experience they have. So, I will have to wing it!