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Dec 26, 2008 06:56 AM

Need a recommendation between three

We are looking for a great steakhouse. Between Gene and Georgetta's, prime house and the palm what do people think?

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  1. For the best steaks of the three, I'd lean towards the dry-aged steaks at David Burke's Primehouse. It's also the best bet if you want a bit more variety, with a broader selection if any members of your party want something other than steak. The atmosphere is more contemporary than the typical "clubby" steakhouse. But if you want a place that seems like a landmark (because it's been there forever), then Gene and Georgetti's might be more suitable.

    You can read LOTS more comments about these and other steakhouses in the discussion at

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      I'd pick Primehouse of the three you mentioned. But would urge you to add Chicago Chop House to your list. IMO, the best streakhouse in Chicago by a rather wide margin.

    2. If it's only those three to decide between I'd definitely have to go with David Burke's Primehouse.

      1. i'd probably go w/ the palm.

        1. I was recently at Gene and Georgetti's and wasn't very impressed. I was most disappointed with their spinach, as it had an unnatural smoked flavor. (I don't mind a smoky flavor in general; theirs seemed fake).
          My other concern was feeling rushed by the waitstaff, something I haven't experienced at other steakhouses (Ruth's Chris, Chicago Chop House, etc).
          Their steak was good, nothing out of the ordinary.