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Dec 26, 2008 05:02 AM

Honeybells Retail?

I keep reading about this hybrid fruit from Florida. After some checking on the General board they seem worth a try. Problem is you can only buy 6-10 lbs through the mail. Has anyone found a retailer in Rockland/Westchester/Bergen with these?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My shipment from Cushman's arrived yesterday. As usual, they are spectacular. We look forward to them each year. We find a big shipment often is used for our family of 4 plus au pair. We sometimes give some away to our favorite neighbors in a post holiday basket. We store them out on an unheated but glassed in porch. This time of year, it keeps the fruit wonderfully fresh.

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        I wish I could agree with you. I received my first ever order of Cushman Honeybells on Monday. After reading all the posts on this board about them I was expecting something spectacular. Nope. They were fresh but weren't sweet or sour; they had no real taste to them. Honestly, I've had Navel and Valencia oranges that tasted better.

        1. re: lawkid

          I also got my shipment Monday and am closer to lawkid that jwg. They were super-juicy and kinda sweet, but I have had better oranges, and they were certianly NOTHING like a mango in sweetness or amount of flavor. So were they not totally ripe and I should complain (they claim to offer a guarantee) or are honeybells just not as they are cracked up to be OR is there another place that is definetely better that I should order from?

          1. re: lawkid

            me too! i thought they were not great at all. I actually got a refund bc I was so dissatisfied.

            1. re: jpmcd

              we were so disappointed last year that we didn't even bother to get them this so overhyped in our experience... a regular navel orange is far superior...&, btw, does anyone agree that this year's clementines are disappointing too? very often pulpy & basically tasteless

        2. I believe they are Mineola Tangelos and are probably at your nearby produce counter at this time of the year. Make sure they are firm--rotting ones are common.

          1. Try the Cara Cara Navels at your local grocery store. They are excellent right now. I've had hit or miss with the honeybells.

            1. Honeybells are a grafted hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit. They have a very short harvest season, 6 weeks. We are in the middle of it. When they are correctly ripe, they are as sweet as mangoes. They are not juiced commercially, the juice doesn't stay fresh for long.
              I sent holiday packs to Vermont and CT that arrived last week to a great reception. I buy mine from a grower nearby for $10 for a 1/4 bushel sack. Not the large, pretty, select ones, but great juice. There's only a few weeks left in the season.
              Florida citrus has more daunting problems than you can count, with mold, canker, greening, bacteria. Enjoy it while you can.
              The Citrus Ranch, 941-723-0504 in Plametto, FL will ship to you.