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Dec 26, 2008 04:50 AM

Cheesesteak Options Near Rt. 295

I frequently travel to Baltimore from north Jersey to visit family. Always wish I knew of a cheesesteak place that was convenient to the 295/tpke corridor in south Jersey. I'm a former resident of Phila. & also Audubon, NJ and miss the real thing.

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  1. I'm not sure what you're exact route is but there's a Tony Luke's on Rt.33 in Hamilton Twp., Mercer County, NJ where you can get the real thing.

    1. If you exit at #32 in Cherry Hill (sign says Gibbsboro, Voorhees, Haddonfield), go West on Haddonfield-Berlin Road (which is also Route 561, BTW). After the third light, get into the right lane (Winner Ford on left). Approx 1/4 mile on the right you will see Kress Liquors; make a hard right by the Kres Liquors onto Kresson Rd. and you will see DiVello's Deli immediately on your left. Turn left into the parking lot., 15 Kresson Rd. Good Italian sandwiches and cheesesteaks. Unfortunately, no place to eat inside, but there are outside tables. DiVellos is maybe 2 minutes off of 295.
      Chicks Deli is also in Cherry Hill, about 5 minutes off of 295. It's received many writeups as the best place in the area for cheesesteaks. It is, however, hard to find, because it's in a strange little alleyway behind some shops that face Route 70W.
      From 295, take exit 34, Route 70 West. Go through the light at 41/70 (major intersection). You'll see Ponzios Diner on the left as a landmark. A few blocks after you pass the Catholic Church on the right, start looking for Virginia St. Turn right on Virginia, and an immediate left onto Township Rd., which is actually an alleyway. Chicks is down on the right, and like I said, it's a strange little place in an odd location, but everyone raves about it. (If you get to a WaWa on the right, you just missed the turn.)

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        I'll second - and third and fourth - the rec for Chick's Deli in Cherry Hill. I'd go there over any Philly joint for a cheesesteak. Any of them.

        DiVello's Deli. Ah. Where I ordered an Italian Hoagie and it came with mustard and mayonaisse. Yikes.

      2. Chickie's and Pete's has a location in Bordentown, convenient to both I-295 (exit 57) and the Turnpike (exit 7). Yeah, I know their cheesesteak may not be considered authentic, but it's pretty darn good - and the crab fries are great!!

        1. Is Big John's still around? It was on Rt.70 right where 295 intersects, on the westbound side (coming off 295 you'd need to go eastbound and take the first jughandle, IIRC).
          Couldn't vouch for the quality, since I haven't been there for over 20 years, maybe someone else can comment?

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            In Delaware, about a half mile off I-95 at the Rt. 141 South exit is a Caprioti's that does a decent cheesesteak, take out only. In season, don't skip the Dairy Palace nearby. About another mile is Ioannoni's known more for its hand carved roast beef and pork but does a good cheesesteak too.

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              BeeZee: Big John's is there and you do remember correctly re. directions - specifically, I-295, exit 34A for Rt 70E. Haven't eaten there, though; the one time we tried to stop in for dinner was 7:45pm on a weeknight and they wouldn't seat us because they closed at 8...

              1. re: BeeZee

                Ate at Big John's last night. Good sandwiches, great fries, and of course the "World Famous Pickle Bar". Can't go wrong.

              2. A place I really like that is probably about 15-20 minutes off of 295 (exit 32 or 34) is Donkey's. They have a location in Camden that I've never been to, but the one in Medford is awesome (7 Tomlinson Mill Rd, Medford, NJ 08055). I know some of the cheesesteak purists may not like to hear this, but they serve it on a round roll with seeds and while it isn't a Genos/Jim's style steak, it is awesome, especially with the fries that they have. They don't do too many other items besides steaks and fries, so I like they focus on one thing and try and do it right.