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Dec 26, 2008 04:10 AM

Leftover bits of cheese?

I have lots of leftover bits of cheese from Christmas festivities the past few days. Any suggestions on how to use them up? They're a mixture: smoked gouda, ribolata, an alpine-like cow's cheese, some creamy blue cheese, a bit of aged cheddar and a few others. It's really a mishmash, so I'm not sure if it will all work together in a particular dish. Any ideas?

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  1. There is a French concoction called Fromage Fort. I found the following Jacques Pepin recipe a few months ago but have yet to make it. Reading through, though, you can just imagine how delicious this would be. I remember a colleague telling me that he melted various left over cheeses a la fondu....

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      I was thinking about that as well - haven't made it for ages though.

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        My husband makes this every new years' eve with all the leftover holiday cheeses. I have a picture of him from last year licking the food processor blade. It's that good :)

        1. re: butterfat

          I was going to reco that too -- I make it and all my friends go wild. Or, I make a mac and cheese with all my leftover cheese. you don't have to make M&C with just cheeder.

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            Oh now that's a good idea... making it for NYE, not licking the blade. Ouch!

          2. re: Gio

            I made this quite a bit following JPs recipe and often add a bit of herbs that I have too. It is great on crostini. I also save parm rinds for risotto and soups and some cheese bits for a mac and cheese.

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              I, too, recommend Jacques Pepin's recipe. It's very good. :)

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                Wow! I'm so going to do this! And I love the group consensus! :)

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                  hello, i'm new here, I found this site today looking for a sugar free bread pudding and had to sign up! About all that cheese, my first thought was to make mac and cheese like someone else suggested as i love mac and cheese. I make it often with whatever cheeses I have around. You can't go wrong with the cheeses you have, it sounds like it could make a great dish. Good luck.

                2. Just another voice in the chorus, JP's Fromage Fort recipe is delicious.

                  I hope you try it.

                  1. I make mac and cheese with my leftover cheese plate goodies.