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Dec 26, 2008 03:47 AM

Mincemeat in Miami?

Can't believe I didn't think to ask here earlier: where can I get 'traditional' christmas foods locally?

'Traditional' is subjective obviously, but I'm thinking along the lines of mincemeat pies, plum puddings, etc. (mainly deserts). Should have asked a week ago, but maybe some 'hounds can find me some after-holiday deals?

Even publix doesn't have the crosse & blackwell products they have sold in prior years (except for 'hard sauce' which is probably left over from last year).

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  1. Have you tried Epicure Market?

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      i saw mincemeat in Publix this week in Delray. and xmas puds

    2. you can make brandy butter yourself, just whip some unsalted butter with confectioners sugar and add brandy drops to taste. better than that hard sauce, don't waste your money.

      1. They carry the nonesuch brand rum/brandy and regular jarred mincemeat at the place everybody says they don't go to. I can eat that stuff right out of the jar!