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Dec 26, 2008 03:03 AM

Portsmouth, NH on New Year's Day

We'll be stopping in Portsmouth for the night on NYD and will be looking for somewhere for dinner and breakfast the next day (Jan 2) in downtown Portsmouth. We plan to have one of these meals at the Friendly Toast, so I will call to make sure that they are open. Any ideas for the other meal? It should be casual, because we'll have our son with us (age 6). I've searched this board, and found one long (mostly negative!) thread about how most Portsmouth restuarants are mediocare and aimed to tourists. Say it ain't so! I'm hoping it is better in the off season. We eat anything; just want a place walkable from downtown (been to the brewery, didn't much care for it). Thanks!

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  1. Flatbread pizza is very good and kid friendly, it's right across the street from Friendly Toast. I recommend doing Friendly Toast for breakfast, because there are far more options for dinner. Poco's Cantina on Bow St. is casual and good. The Gas Light is also solid, I prefer downstairs to upstairs. The Stock Pot on Bow St. is nothing fancy at all, very basic stuff, but it's kid friendly with a nice view. Hope this helps!

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      "Poco's Cantina on Bow St. is casual and good."

      I have heard only negative responses on Poco's

      1. re: bewley

        I've eaten there a bunch of times. It's not going to be the greatest meal of your life, but I've always enjoyed what I ordered.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. Flatbread sounds good. SInce we might have two dinners open now, are there any sushi or Korean places to recommend?

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            No Korean as far as I know, but the two sushi places in town are Sake and Sakurabana (I prefer the latter for sushi).



    2. Flatbreads is a great idea for kids, even though it can get a bit loud. Poco's is a no-go... their food is mediocre at best. Sake is fun place for sushi, if you go to the Gas Light make sure you go downstairs for some yummy pizza (but don't count on prompt service), and if you're looking for easy soups and sandwiches with a smile, stick with the StockPot. The Rosa is an easy walk in -sit down- walk out place for pasta, it's pretty cheap and has been there forever. I used to have fun reading the antique menus framed on the walls when I was about your sons age. Have fun!