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Dec 25, 2008 10:21 PM

Dinner tomorrow night

I'm not really familiar with the Chicago area but I will be there briefly tomorrow and need somewhere to have dinner. I'm going to a boxing day celebration at 2 o'clock in a suburb called Hinsdale and then flying out the next morning. I can go into the city, but really what I need is a nice, not too expensive, Chicago restaurant to have dinner at. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hinsdale is a suburb along I-294 west of the city.

    There are three very good, not terribly expensive restaurants I can recommend nearby.

    1. One is an Italian bistro in LaGrange, a few miles east of Hinsdale. You can get everything from wood fired pizza to an elegant dinner. Their grilled calamari is great:

    Bella Bacino's
    36 S. LaGrange Rd
    LaGrange, IL
    (708) 352-8882

    Not much on their own website:

    2. A few miles North of Hinsdale is the town of Oak Brook, which has a large shopping center called Oakbrook Center (everyone calls it Oak Brook Mall). There's a recently-opened seafood restaurant there called Reel Club and it's very good:

    Reel Club
    272 Oakbrook Center
    Oak Brook, IL 60523
    (630) 368-9400

    3. One more place is one of the very best restaurants in the Chicago suburbs, serving contemporary American cuisine. And it's right next door to Hinsdale. It's not inexpensive (entrees around $30) but it's really wonderful; you may want to check the menu on their website to get a better idea of their prices and what they have to offer:

    4471 Lawn Avenue
    Western Springs 60558

    Given the holidays, you may want to call ahead before heading out to these or any place, to make sure they're open. (Making a reservation never hurts, too, of course.)

    1. Greek Islands, in Lombard, is a good, inexpensive restaurant not far from Hinsdale. Or, if you would prefer to go into Chicago (your post is a bit unclear on this), you could try their original location, in the West Loop:

      1. try davids on jefferson hill in napervile . noted in Chicago Magazine's 10 hottest places to dine in december. 630-548-9393

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          I have not been to David's on Jefferson Hill so I cannot comment directly.

          The OP said he wanted something "not too expensive." Unclear whether David's is in his price point. Here is the menu & we'll let him decide. The entrees are generally between $20-30, with appetizers above $10. I'm with Nxstasy that, at that price point, he should go to Vie in Western Springs, which is much closer to Hinsdale.

          Also OP should note that Hinsdale to Naperville is at least a 20 minute drive and probably more, in the direction away from Chicago. If you are willing to travel that far, you may as well go into the city, where there is a whole range of options.

          Finally, note there is a recent post on the Chicago board expressing considerable disappointment by one poster with David's. As I said, I've never eaten there so I've no direct opinion.